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Time Artist Track Album
The Heart Attacks Fast Times Attached Hellbound and Heartless
The Decemberists O Valencia! The Crane Wife
Broadcast Black Umbrellas Haha sound
Supergrass LA Song Life On Other Planets
The Postal Service Nothing Better Give Up
TV on the Radio Blues From Down Here Return to Cookie Mountain
Mogwai Killing All the Flies Happy Songs for Happy People
Radiohead Paranoid Android OK Computer
The Twilight Singers I'm Ready Powder Burns
Papas Fritas Hey Hey You Say Helioself
Deerhunter Providence Cryptograms
Mogwai I Am Not Batman Ten Rapid
Stereolab Miss Modular Oscillons From the Anti-Sun
The Cure Watching Me Fall Bloodflowers
Four Tet Madvillain - Figaro (101 Remix) DJ-Kicks
Superchunk Home At Dawn Incidental Music 1991-1995
The Pretenders Thin Line Between Love And Hate The Singles
The Fall L.A. Selections from 'The Infotainment Scan' plus Crash Course
Doves Ambition Some Cities
The Fucking Ocean Adam LeMainRouge
The Dismemberment Plan The Things That Matter “!”
The Hylozoists Smiley Smiley La fin du Monde
My Bloody Valentine I Only Said Loveless
Stereolab Emperor Tomato Ketchup Emperor Tomato Ketchup
Luna Pup Tent Pup Tent
The Cure Other Voices Faith
Gregor Samsa These Points Balance 55:12
Sleater-Kinney All Hands On The Bad One All Hands On The Bad One
Captain Beefheart Frownland Trout Mask Replica
Norm Scott Doin' the Nasty The Play
Bob Mould Sacrifice/Let There Be Peace Black Sheets Of Rain
Talking Heads Life During Wartime Stop Making Sense
Maps of Norway Cellophane Sister Stations
The Huxtables The Goose A Touch of Wonder
Modest Mouse Australopithecus Sad Sappy Sucker
Kimya Dawson Caving In Remember That I Love You
Viva Voce How To Nurse A Brusied Ego Get Yr Blood Sucked Out
Straitjacket Fits Such a Daze Melt
Ratatat Tropicana Classics
Elvis Costello & The Attractions Motel Matches [live] Goodbye Cruel World
The Cure The Caterpillar Standing on a Beach
Boris Afterburner Pink
Mirah The Struggle C'mon Miracle
The Fall Australians in Europe 485489 B Sides (Disc 2)
The Evens Dinner with the President Get Evens
The Hidden Cameras Follow These Eyes Awoo
The Big Sleep Son of the Tiger Son of the Tiger
Four Tet Heldon - Les Soucoupes Volantes Vertes DJ-Kicks
Forget Cassettes My Maraschino Salt
Lamb Sugar 5 Between Darkness and Wonder
The Cure Three Imaginary Boys Three Imaginary Boys
The Big Sleep Shima Son of the Tiger
Palace Stablemate Arise Therefore
The Dismemberment Plan Automatic Change
Labradford The Cipher Labradford
The Cure Bananafishbones The Top
...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead Another Morning Stoner Source Tags & Codes
Magnolia Electric Co. Montgomery Fading Trails
Olivia Tremor Control The Ships Presents: Singles and Beyond
Moonshake Girly Loop Big Good Angel
Mekons Brutal The Curse of the Mekons
The Flaming Lips Unconsciously Screamin' (2) The Day They Shot a Hole in the Jesus Egg
Sleater-Kinney Sympathy One Beat
Make-Up The Final Comedown After Dark
Orange Juice Blokes On 45 The Glasgow School
Selda Niye Cattin Kaslarini Selda
The Soft Boys Underwater Moonlight Underwater Moonlight...And How It Got There [disc
Morphine My Brain (Live) Bootleg Detroit
Flying Minors Just-One-Second-Ago-Broken Eggshell
…And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead Heart in the Hand of the Matter Source Tags & Codes
Go·Go's Get Up And Go Greatest
Smoosh Witing For Something Free To Stay
Spoon Don't Let It Get You Down Kill The Moonlight
The Cure High Wish
Public Image Ltd. The Suit Metal Box
Four Tet David Behrman - Leapday Night (Scene 1) DJ-Kicks
Moonshake Nighttripper II Cranes
The Cure High Wish
Public Image Ltd. The Suit Metal Box
Four Tet David Behrman - Leapday Night (Scene 1) DJ-Kicks
Moonshake Nighttripper II Cranes
Elf Power Don't Let it Be Walking With the Beggar Boys
RIDE Moonlight Medicine (Ride On The Wire Mix) I Don't Know Where It Comes From ep/single
Mice Parade The Last Ten Homes Mice Parade
…And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead After the Laughter Source Tags & Codes
Gang of Four Contract Entertainment!
Stereolab Les Bons Bons Des Raisons Sound-Dust
Magnolia Electric Co. A Little at a Time Fading Trails
The Octopus Project / Black Mo Spiracle The House of Apples and Eyebal
Joy Division Passover Permanent
The Dream Syndicate I Won't Forget Out of the Grey
Berlin Will I Ever Understand You Best Of Berlin 1979-1988
The Cure Killing An Arab Standing on a Beach
The Dismemberment Plan Academy Award The Dismemberment Plan Is Terrified
The Dream Syndicate Boston Out of the Grey
Tom Waits Down There By The Train Orphans Disc 2 - Bawlers
Mugison My Nobel Prize Little Trip
Four Tet Gary Davis - The Professor's Here DJ-Kicks
Don Caballero Cold Knees (In April) Don Caballero 2
Halou alaska Wholeness & Separation
The Cure The Love Cats Standing on a Beach
Asobi Seksu Thursday Citrus
Stereolab The Noise Of Carpet Emperor Tomato Ketchup
June of 44 Degenerate In the Fishtank
The Lovely Feathers Mildly Decorated Hind Hind Legs
Elf Power Heroes And Insects Vainly Clutching at Phantom Limes
Four Tet So Solid Crew - Dillema DJ-Kicks
Squeeze Pulling Mussels (From The Shell) Big Squeeze - The Very Best Of Squeeze - Disk 1
…And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead After the Laughter Source Tags & Codes
Liars Plaster Casts Of Everything Liars
Laika If You Miss Silver Apples Of The Moon
Elvis Costello & the Attractions High Fidelity The Very Best of Elvis Costello
The Clash Rock The Casbah (Live) Clash On Broadway - 3(3)
Spoon Me And The Bean Girls Can Tell
Camper Van Beethoven That's Enough For Me Tusk (Disc 2)
Stars International Rock Star Nightsongs
Yo La Tengo Little Eyes Summer Sun
The Cure Shake Dog Shake The Top
Hood L. Fading Hills Outside Closer
June of 44 Modern Hereditary Dance Steps In the Fishtank
Sun Kil Moon Tiny Cities Made of Ashes Tiny Cities
Minus Story Little Wet Head No Rest for Ghosts
Spoon Paper Tiger Kill The Moonlight
Dave Brubeck Le Souk (live) [1954] The Essential Dave Brubeck [disc 1]
Dave Brubeck Le Souk (live) [1954] The Essential Dave Brubeck [disc 1]
Sex Mob Please, Please, Please Solid Sender
Kidd Jordan-Hamid Drake-William Parker Resolution Palm of Soul
Coltrane, John Attaining Sun Ship
Sun Ra Arkestra Lights on a Satellite Springtime in Chicagp [Disc 2]
Lonnie Smith I Want To Thank You Live At Club Mozambique
Michael Wolff Trio Autumn Leaves Jazz, Jazz, Jazz
John Hollenbeck eskelin / hollenbeck vignettes No Images
Fats Waller Patty Cake, Patty Cake Fats Waller
Sarah Vaughn Tonight I Shall Sleep (with a Smile On My Face) Sings for Lovers
The Bad Plus Life On Mars Prog
SFJazz Collective Una Muy Bonita (Ornette Coleman) SFJazz Collective
London Sinfonietta Prepared Piano Piece 1 (by Aph Warp Works & Twentieth Century
The Jeff Gauthier Goatette Water Torture One And The Same
Free Zen Society Majestical Free Zen Society
Ezra Weiss The Dancer Persephone
Kidd Jordan-Hamid Drake-William Parker Forever Palm of Soul
Fila Brazillia Doggin' Dicks
Massive Attack Opening Title Danny the Dog OST
Joseph Malik Casualties Of War Aquarius Songs
Boards of Canada an eagle in your mind music has the right to child..
Ideas Without Numbers Migration (Siamese Sisters Remix) Xn
Senor Coconut and His Orchestra pure jam Yellow
Daedelus Sawtooth EKG Denies The Day's Demise
Mr. Scruff Ahoy There! Trouser Jazz
Otto Von Schirach Menstrual Dolphin Communication Maxipad Detention
Caural Cold Hands (with Hrishikesh Hirway) Mirrors for Eyes
Kid Koala Roboshuffle Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Rob Dougan Born Yesterday Furious Angels
Felix Da Housecat Short Skirts Devin Dazzle & the Neon Fever
The Chemical Brothers Left Right Push The Button
Ulrich Schnauss A Letter From Home A Strangely Isolated Place
Death in vegas Only Colombe Back to Mine
death in Vegas so you say you lost your baby scorpio rising
Jamie Lidell New Me Multiply
Rob Dougan Born Yesterday (instrumental) Furious Angels
Squarepusher Tommib Lost in Translation
The Avalanches Two Hearts in 3/4 Time Since I Left You
Various Clint Mansell / Seacoast Alarm Requiem for a Dream (Remixed)
Pharoah Sanders Astral Traveling [Boozoo Bajou Remix] Impulsive! Revolutionary Jazz Reworked
Otto Von Schirach Cantaloupe Syphilis Gravy Maxipad Detention
Rob Dougan One And The Same (Coda) Furious Angels
Various Artists Murman Idol Tryouts Two: Ghostly International Vol
N-Joi Rhythm Zone Mindflux
Shortstack The Call Shortstack
Boards Of Canada Nova Scotia Robots Boc Maxima
Aphex Twin Pulsewidth Selected Ambient Works 85-92
Junior Boys First Time So This is Goodbye
Jeremy Ellis Sonata In C - variations Lotus Blooms
Los Amigos Invisibles Curda y Pan Super Pop Venezuela
Daft Punk Digital Love Discovery
Cheb i Sabbah Toura Toura (The Medina Remix) La Ghriba (La Kahena Remixed)
Seaman, Dave Origin (Redefined Intricacy '99) Global Underground 012 - Buenos Aires (Cd 02)
Seven Octaves Someone's Coming In Snow Frogs
Fingathing Wasting Time Time Capsule
Excepter Op Pop Alternation
William Orbit Riding to Rio The Best of Strange Cargos
William Orbit Ludwig van Beethoven / Opus 132 Pieces in a Modern Style
777 Strange Quotations 777
Gnarls Barkley St. Elsewhere St. Elsewhere
Jedi Mind Tricks Uncommon Valor: A Vietnam Story feat. R.A. The Rugged Man Servants in Heaven, Kings in Hell (clean)
OutKast Chronomentrophobia Idlewild
J Dilla One Eleven Donuts
Aceyalone Jungle Muzik (ft Jah Orah) Lightning Strikes
Ohmega Watts Few & Far Between Watts Happening
Capone WPTG Newbreak ft. White Chocolate Pain, Time & Glory
Madlib Star Ride Beat Konducta Vol. 3-4: India
S.K.I.P. Uniform Me [The Anthem] Autobiographicology
DJ Shadow Mutual Slump (Alternate Take W Entroducing Deluxe Edition
Shape Of Broad Minds Opr8r Craft Of The Lost Art
Ghostface Killah Big Girl Fishscale
Aesop Rock Fumes None Shall Pass
Mos Def War The New Danger
Kaze Last Man Standing feat. AK Slaughter Spirit of '94
Dopestyle Yellow Jello (Crack Cocaine Blues) Fools Pool
D?lek Ever Somber absence
The Coup Ride the Fence Party Music
Dopestyle Peekaboo Fools Pool
Deadringer The Horror RJD2
Take Tuesday Never Comes Earthtones and Concrete
Paulie Rhyme and Deedot Future Sins Public Radio
Panacea Aim High The Scenic Route
Grayskul Missing (feat. Andrea Zollo) Bloody Radio
Lupe Fiasco Real [feat. Sarah Green] Food & Liquor
dead prez Behind Enemy Lines Lets Get Free
gNotes (silent g) Sun Don't Chill Rhymes and Beats
Aceyalone Caged Bird Magnificent City
Blackalicious The Craft The Craft
Rhymefest More (feat. Kanye West) Blue Collar
Dead Prez and Outlawz U Aint The Only One Cant Sell Dope Forever
Fila Brazillia Doggin' Dicks
Not available Not available Not available
Arab Strap If There's No Hope for Us (Rogue version) Ten Years of Tears
Elf Power Heroes And Insects Vainly Clutching at Phantom Limes
Killing Joke Chapter Iii For Beginners
The Cure To Wish Impossible Things Wish
Sloan Left of Centre Smeared
Swell Maps Loin of the Surf A Trip To Marineville
Mew 156 Frengers
New Order Someone Like You Get Ready
The Helio Sequence Broken Afternoon Keep Your Eyes Ahead
Mice Parade The Nights After Fiction Mice Parade
Animal Collective Forest Gospel Hollinndagain
Feist Mushaboom Let It Die
Architecture in Helsinki Underwater Places Like This
Cornelius Cue Gum EP
Calla Play Dead Collisions
Labradford and Jonathan Morken. Photo provided by E luxo so
Brief Candles The Patron Saint Of Hopeless Causes They Live We Sleep
The Dead Bodies Tuesday's Juice Mr. Spookhouse's Pink House
Eluvium All The Sails When I Live by the Garden and
Sun Kil Moon Space Travel Is Boring Tiny Cities
Mugison My Nobel Prize Little Trip
Dan?el ?g?st Nobody Else Swallowed a Star
Hella Let Your Heavies Out There's No 666 In Outer Space
The Vocokesh Eddie's Freakout ...all this and Hieronymus Bos
Serena-Maneesh Candlelighted Serena-Maneesh
Archetribe Boundaries I Waterworks
Explosions In the Sky A Song For Our Fathers How Strange, Innocence
The Hylozoists If Only Your Heart Was A Major La fin du Monde
The Apples in Stereo Love You Alice / D Fun Trick Noisemaker
Radiohead The Bends The Bends
Think of One Tr?fico Tr?fico
Twilight Sad mapped by what surrounded them Fifteen Albums & Fourteen Winters
The Magnetic Fields Crowd Of Drifters The Charm Of The Highway Strip
Four Tet Gong - Love Is How Y Make It DJ-Kicks
Baby Elephant Turn My Teeth Up Turn My Teeth Up!
Aceyalone A Sunday Mystery Magnificent City
OutKast Chronomentrophobia Idlewild
Jedi Mind Tricks Shadow Business Servants in Heaven, Kings in Hell (clean)
Dopestyle No Hope (Fool's Pool part 1) Fools Pool
Mos Def Modern Marvel The New Danger
Shape Of Broad Minds Solo (Underwater) (Featuring Deborah Jordan) Craft Of The Lost Art
C-Rayz Walz Thug Melody Ravipops (The Substance)
Ray Cash F*** Amerikkka Cash On Delivery
dead prez Behind Enemy Lines Lets Get Free
Aesop Rock Gun For The Whole Family None Shall Pass
Sick Jacken & Cynic Reptilian Renaissance The Legend of the Mask & the Assassin
Hip Hop Forever III Biz Markie ft Jazzy Jeff - Tea Compiled And Mixed By DJ Jazzy
J Dilla Mash Donuts
Grayskul Us Bloody Radio
Madlib Alfred Lion Interlude Shades Of Blue
Ohmega Watts Roc the Bells (feat. Lightheaded) Watts Happening
DJ Shadow Why Hip-Hop Sucks in '96 (Alte Entroducing Deluxe Edition
Hangar 18 Jump Muthafuh Sweep the Leg
Rhymefest Feel Free (intro) (feat. Q-Tip) Blue Collar
Rawkus Records Ms. Fat Booty Rawkus Records Best of Decade I 1995-2005
Buck 65 White Bread Situation
Kaze Stay a Customer Spirit of '94
gNotes (silent g) Promises (Remix) Rhymes and Beats
Educated Consumers Seezmatta Aisle 2
Deadringer The Proxy RJD2
Rob Sonic Rock the Convoy Sabotage Gigante
Common Common/Love Is... Be
Obie Trice Look In My Eyes (feat. Nate Dogg) Cheers
Voice of the Seven Woods Dusk Cloud Voice of the Seven Woods
T. Rex The Groover The very best of
The Fucking Ocean Literacy Test LeMainRouge
Explosions In the Sky Glittering Blackness How Strange, Innocence
Adem Something's Going To Come Love And Other Planets
Mew The Zookeeper's Boy And The Glass Handed Kites
The Magnetic Fields Tokyo a Go-Go The Wayward Bus (Popup Records)
Traffic Shanghai Noodle Factory Gold (CD1)
Spoon All The Pretty Girls Go To The City Kill The Moonlight
Thee More Shallows Deadbeat Water Monkey Vs Shark
Superchunk Like a Fool Foolish
Kings Of Convenience Failure Versus
Lambchop The Scary Caroler How I Quit Smoking
Laika & The Cosmonauts Point Of No Return Zero Gravity
Slow Dazzle Anthem The View from the Floor
Brazil The Remarkable Cholmondley Chu The Philosophy of Velocity
David Bowie Hang Onto Yourself [released as a single under the name Arnold Corns, 1971] The Man Who Sold the World
Bow Wow Wow Golly! Golly! Go Buddy! The Best Of Bow Wow Wow
Sigur Rós Agaetis Bjyrun Agaetis Bjyrun
Grandaddy Shangri-La (outro) Just Like The Fambly Cat
Explosions In the Sky The Only Moment We Were Alone The Earth is Not a Cold Dead Place
Gabe Cahill 1000 Nightbirds 1000 Nightbirds
Elvis Costello and the Attractions Black And White World Get Happy!!
The Cure Three Imaginary Boys Three Imaginary Boys
Bonk Bonk Against Nothing Bonk Against Nothing
The Strokes Under Control Room on Fire
Modest Mouse Australopithecus Sad Sappy Sucker
The Rascals Love Is a Beautiful Thing Time Peace The Rascals Greatest Hits
The Shins Phanton Limb Wincing The Night Away
J.P. Shilo Insects-eating-into-insects As Happy as Sad Is Blue
Arab Strap (Afternoon) Soaps Ten Years of Tears
Dry Branch Fire Squad I have Found a way Memories That Bless And Burn
Bad Livers Honey, I've Found a Brand New Way / It's All the Same to Me Industry and Thrift
Greg Brown Two Little Feet In The Hills of California
Acoustic Endeavors On a Farm On a Farm
Nickel Creek Scotch & Chocolate Why Should the Fire Die?
Norman Blake Rag Baby Jig Far Away, Down On A Georgia Fa
Neko Case Tigers Are Noble The Tigers Have Spoken
Vern Williams & Ray Park w/ He The Leather Britches San Francisco 1968
Bill Patton The Devil Went Down to Georget Gets It On
The Duhks Down To The River Migrations
Deke Dickerson Hot Rodder's Lament My Name is Deke
Eddie From Ohio Walk Humbly, Son This is Me
Junior Brown Ain't Gonna Work Today Mixed Bag
The Sadies Cheat In Concert Vol. 1 (disc one)
The Biscuit Burners Sweet Whiskey A Mountain Apart
Avett Brothers Yard Sale The Gleam
Dreamchair Music Clown's Pants Creek's Risin'
T-Bone Burnett There Would Be Hell To Pay The True False Identity
The Wailin' Jennys Swallow Firecracker