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Nick Ingvoldstad /

Time Artist Track Album
Death From Above 1979 Little Girl You're a Woman I'm a Machine
The Oogies Cement Feedback is an Act of God
The Melvins Going Blind Houdini
Unwound Fingernails on a Chalkboard Repetition
Sonic Youth (I Got A) Catholic Block Sister
Isotope Crunch Cake Disco Not Disco
Mah Jongg Those Birds are Bats Kontpab
Comix Touche Pas Mon Sexe BIPPP
Night Sounds Less Dead Allergic to Heat
The Microphones The Gleam It Was Hot We Stayed In The Water
Les Savy Fav Reformat The Cat and the Cobra
Lazy Magnet Harris Is Music Even Good?
Starlight Mints Margarita Dream That Stuff Was Made Of
The Apples in Stereo Glowworm Fun Trick Noisemaker
Circulatory System Symbols and Maps Circulatory System
Panther Woan Moments 14k God
Del tha Funkee Homosapien Slam Dunk 11th Hour
Food For Animals Belly Kids Belly
Cornelius Fit Song (Books Remix) Gum EP
Dr. Octagon A Gorilla Driving a Pickup Truck The Return of Dr. Octagon
Free Form Funky Freqs Over and Under Urban Mythology vol. 1
Joan of Arc Fleshy Jeffrey Joan of Arc, Dick Cheney, Mark Twain
Pinback Trainer Some Voices EP
The Notwist Pilot Neon Golden
Lali Puna Grin and Bear (To Rococo Rot remix) I Thought I Was Over That
New Order The Perfect Kiss 20 Years of New Order