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Big Colassal Waste of TIme /

Time Artist Track Album
Slim Cessna's Auto Club Shady Lane Bloudy, Tenant, Truth & Peace
Ed Gilmore Fiddle Faddle Square Dance Party
Tom Waits Metropolitan Glide Real Gone
Tom Waits Back in the Good Old World Night On Earth
Black-Eyed Snakes Foresight Rise Up
Pere Ubu Life Stinks The Modern Dance
The Starvations An American Funeral Get Well Soon
(International) Noise Conspiracy (I've Got) Survival Sickness Survival Sickness
Jello Biafra and the Melvins Plethysmograph Never Breathe What You Can't See
Black Flag Depression Damaged
Rocket From The Crypt Glazed Circa Now! +4
The Advantage Batman 2 The Advantage
Gary Wilson Linda Wants to Be Alone Mary Had Brown Hair
The Doodooronomy Experience We Can't Play Are You Doo-Doo?
Doug Cheatwood Digging Up Dinosaurs More Than a Dozen Songs