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Michael Secrist /

Time Artist Track Album
Dr. Sin U R Deleted Animal
Night Demon The Howling Man Curse Of The Damned
Dokken It's Not Love Under Lock and Key
Avatar King After King Avatar Country
Def Leppard Rock Brigade On Through The Night
Zakk Wylde Tears of December Book Of Shadows II
Asia Arena Arena
Demon The Writings On The Wall The Plague
Pride Of Lions Fearless Fearless
Poppy Play, Destroy Am I A Girl?
Tempest Two Sisters Balance
Magnum When the World Comes Down Vigilante
Dr. Sin Saturday Night Intactus
Volbeat The Mirror and the Ripper Beyond Hell / Above Heaven
HIRS You Can't Kill Us You Can't Kill Us
Venomous Concept Anti Social Retroactive Abortion
Pig Destroyer Naked Trees Prowler in the Yard
Sons of Azrael Turn That Crown Upside Down The Conjuration of Vengeance
Coheed And Cambria The Willing Well Good Apollo I'm Burning Star IV: Volume One: From Fear Through the Eyes Of Madness
Darkane Rusted Angel Rusted Angel
Dragonlord Revelations Black Wings of Destiny
Poppy Am I A Girl? Am I A Girl?
Unlucky Morpheus Requiem Change of Generation
Phantasmagoria Mikansei to GUILT Requiem -Funeral Edition-
Angra Weakness Of A Man Aqua
Unisonic When the Deed Is Done Light of Dawn
Shadow Gallery Rain Room V
Lord Behind The Mask A Personal Journey (Revisited)
Symphony X The Sacrifice Paradise Lost
Dark Moor Iseult Origins
Dragonheart Tied In Time Underdark
Primal Fear Hail to the Fear Apocalypse