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Time Artist Track Album
Sun Ra The Cosmo Fire Astro Black
The Hair & Skin Trading Co. Pipeline Jo In Nine G Hell
Drop Nineteens Angel Delaware
Ciccone Youth featuring Mike Watt Burnin' Up The Whitey Album
Daniel Johnston Walking the Cow Hi, How Are You
Paul McCartney Temporary Secretary McCartney II
Guided by Voices Squirmish Frontal Room King Shit and The Golden Boys
The Who Magic Bus Who's Better Who's Best
Brainiac Transmissions After Zero/ Juicy (On A Cadillac) Bonsai Superstar
Terry Allen and The Panhandle Mystery Band Pedal Steal Pedal Steal
Nurse With Wound Two Golden Microphones Rock 'N Roll Station
Negativland Style (1989) Over the Edge, Volume 5: Crosley Bendix: The Radio Reviews
They Might Be Giants Ana Ng Lincoln
Heart Barracuda Little Queen
Tarkamt Churning The Ocean Of Milk Live At The Necropolis
Bob Dylan Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands Blonde on Blonde
Pixies In Heaven (The Lady In the Radiator Song) At The BBC
The Residents Satisfaction Satisfaction single
Shellac Wingwalker Uranus 7"
Faust Krautrock Faust IV