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Jacob Dawson /

Time Artist Track Album
House Red Coal Miner / High Reel Uncorked
Natalie MacMaster Volcanic Jig Yours Truly
Alex Francis MacKay Duke of Athole A Lifelong Home
Lunasa The Floating Crowbar / McGlinchey's / The Almost Reel Otherworld
John McCusker St. Bride's Way / The Bouncing Czech John McCusker
John McGann Smokey's Foghorn / The Island House / Smokey's Victory Reel Upslide
Silly Wizard The Queen of Argyll Live Wizardy
Sam Rizzetta Cuckoo's Nest Bucks & Does
Flapjack Sinful Waltz Flapjack
Nomos The Scalloway Lasses set you free
Altan Mazurka The First Ten Years
Liz Carroll The Silver Spear / The Earl's Chair / The Musical Priest lost in the loop
Barleyjuice Love With A Priest Six Yanks
Carolina Chocolate Drops Tom Dula Dona Got A Ramblin' Mind
Avant Gardeners Thanks, Pete! Stronger Than Dirt
Uncle Gizmo Hangman's Reel Uncle Gizmo
Kennedy's Kitchen A Pocketful of Lint Set A Pocketful of Lint
Reeltime Bulgarian Bash Reeltime
Cherish the Ladies The Cat Rambles to the Child's Saucepan / Maire O'Keefe / Harry Bradshaw's Out and About
ad vielle que pourra Andropov / Polka Felix Musaique
Grey Larsen and Andre Marchand A Pack of Lies / Crossing the Saguenay The Orange Tree
Mike Casey Lord Inchiquin The Hourglass
Kevin Crawford Blackberry Blossom / Brady's / The Steam Packet 'd' flute album