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Hip Nick's Haunted House /

Time Artist Track Album
Johnny Fuller Haunted House Haunted House
John Coltrane & Pharoah Sanders Cosmos John Coltrane Live In Seattle
Phillip Glass The Encounter 1000 Airplanes on the Roof
Piero Milesi The Procession The Nuclear Observatory of Mr. Nanof
Dhani Harrison Admiral Of Upside Down In Parallel
John Cale Song of the Valley Artificial Intelligence
The Legendary Pink Dots Princess Coldheart Princess Coldheart Single
Diamanda Galas Double-Barrel Prayer You Must Be Certain Of The Devil
Yoko Ono Loneliness (remix) Never Say Goodbye
Drew MacDowall Abandoned Object Agalma
Flying Saucer Attack / Roy Montgomery And Goodbye. Goodbye / And Goodbye
Lab Report image before jealousy Figure X-71
Melvins / Lustmord Idolatrous Apostate Pigs of the Roman Empire
Manslaughter 777 I Can Not Tell You How I Feel World Vision Perfect Harmony
The Shadow Ring The Flowing Remains Unchanged
Harvey Milk I Feel Miserable Courtesy and Good Will Towards Men
Virgil Moorefield Death Gamelan Bhopal
Harry Pussy My Cocaine Is In The Sun One Plus One
Daughn Gibson The Pisgee Nest Me Moan
Current 93 Judas As Black Moth II Soft Black Stars
Fierro Ex Machina The Shadows of Plants at Night Processions
Fever Dreams Crawling Back In Words And Music
Manslaughter 777 Do You Know Who Loves You World Vision Perfect Harmony
Boredoms Super Coming Super Ae
Ryuichi Sakamoto Love and Hate (Love Mix) Love and Hate 12" single
John Wiese No Party Soft Punk
The Go! Team Ladyflash Thunder, Lightning, Strike