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Bad Sound for Bad Ear /

Time Artist Track Album
The Body The Night Knows No Dawn I Shall Die Here
Sound Effects Volume 29 Rocket Launching Sound Effects Volume 26
Boredoms Cheeba Pop Tatari
Freaks Amour Disposable Car Regressive Music For Mind And Body
Noise Nomads Teeth Of The Leper Bite Slowly To Live As Jakals
Missing Foundation Posada Missing Foundation
Dead Body Love Random Destruction Low-Fi Power Carnage
Gerritt Vapor Wakes ...Sails The Sea Of Displacement
Controlled Bleeding Swallowing Scrap Metal Pt. 5.5 Knees and Bones
Gorgoroth Profetens Åpenbaring Under the Sign of Hell
Hag Face Old Hag R.I.P.
The Gerogerigegege Boys Don't Cry パンクの鬼 (Tokyo Anal Dynamite)
Pan Sonic Kierto Aaltopiiri
Hanatarash Cock E.S.P ハナタラシ
Machine Girl A Decent Man The Ugly Art
Boredoms Pow Wow Now Soul Discharge & Early Boredoms
Deutsch Nepal Performance, Image & Money! We Hate You: A Small Tribute To Throbbing Gristle
Earwig Deluxe The Re-opened the Weigel's Earwig Deluxe
Doom Asylum Nope2 Stress Techno
Factor One Behind The Mask In The Move
Boy Harsher Suitor Yr Body is Nothing
Actress Maze Splazsh
Evelyn Glennie ‎ Thunder Caves Shadow Behind The Iron Sun
Manslaughter 777 Gainax World Vision Perfect Harmony
Freezie Freekie Slow Decay Data Sink
Powder New Tribe Powder In Space
Fire-Toolz Micro Tubules Rainbow Bridge
Prolaps Keep Worrying, Details to Follow Ultra Cycle Pt. 1: Vernal Birth