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Jacob Dawson /

Time Artist Track Album
House Red Coal Miner / High Reel Uncorked
The House Band The Cobb / Slip Jig / The Metric Fox Groundwork
Four Men & A Dog Foxhunters Barking Mad
Tinsmith The Black Fox Here Be Dragons
Joe Derrane Little Judy / The Wolf Trap Promise Give Us Another
Niamh Parsons & The Loose Connections The Big Bad Wolf Loosen Up
dot-dot-dash The Quarry Cross / Old Grey Cat / Dinky's Reel dot-dot-dash
Leaping Lulu Shoes and Stockings / Johnny Cope / Granny Does Your Dog Bite? The Walk Home
Cherish The Ladies The Cat's Meow Across the Waves
Uncle Gizmo The Brumley Brae / Skippin' Cat Uncle Gizmo
Nickel Creek The Fox Nickel Creek
Ken White and Friends The Old Red Rooster Fiddlin' For Fun
Carolina Chocolate Drops Old Cat Died Dona Got a Ramblin' Mind
Cherish the Ladies The Cat Rambles to the Child's Saucepan / Maire O'Keefe / Harry Bradshaw's Out and About
The Flying Cows of Ventry Star of Munster / Otter's Holt Celtic Ruminations
John Skelton The Trip to Athlone A Few More Tunes
Kennedy's Kitchen The Little Things in Life: The Dead Cat Song A Pocketful of Lint
Heather Alexander Wolfen One Midsummer
Wolfstone Black Dog Not Enough Shouting
John Skelton The Otter's Holt I A Few More Tunes
Sam Rizzetta Eagle in the Tall Tree Love Above All
John Skelton The Otter's Holt II A Few More Tunes
Sam Rizzetta Cobra Waltz Bucks & Does
Jerry Holland The Old Boar / My Old Fiddle / Fiddle on Fire The Fiddlesticks Collection
Laura and the Lava Lamps Lamp on the River / The Raccoon Ate the Snake Primordial Groove
Altan Jimmy Lyon's / The Teelin / The Red Crow / The Broken Bridge The Best of Altan
Rodney Miller's New England Dance Band Cat in the Hopper / Coleraine / Shores of Lough Gowna Choose Your Partners!
Battlefield Band Blistered Fingers Quiet Days
John McGann Marie Anne's / Bear Island / Log Cabin / Old Man, Old Woman / Woman of the House / Eugene Upslide
Battlefield Band The Golden Eagle / O'er The Moor to Maggie / The Highland Man Kissed His Grannie / Wissahickon Drive New Spring
Sam Rizzetta Twister Love Above All
Waverly Station Rambledwood Hornpipe / Hang Fire / Harlequin / Virginia Hornpipe First Stop!
Tom Doherty Two Mazurkas Take the Bulll By the Horns
Altan Mazurka The Best of Altan
Tom Doherty Solo Mazurka / Mc Dermott's & the Primrose Lass Take the Bull by the Horns
Mike Casey Suite de Scottishes The Hourglass
Heritage Scotticha De La Montanha Negra / Scottische A Servant / Scottische L'Italienne 'Tell Tae Me'
Four Men & A Dog Newmarket Polkas Shifting Gravel
Matapat Un p'tit solier, Madame petit fou
Magic Foot On the Danforth Magic Foot
Dennis Botzer Graf Spee The House
Barleyjuice Pretty Wild Bride Six Yanks
Sharon Shannon The Bag of Cats Each Little Thing
Dick Gaughan No Gods and Precious Few Heroes Scotland the Real
Arcady Hennessy's After the Ball...
Great Big Sea Old Polina Courage & Patience & Grit
Natalie MacMaster Matt & Nat's Yours Truly
Nomos Wing Commander Donald MacKenzie's / Andy Renwick's Ferret / Ciaran Tourish's Reel i won't be afraid anymore