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Time Artist Track Album
Jarboe Not Logical Sacrificial Cake
25 Suaves Cool and Yellow 25 Suaves
Halim El-Dabh Leiyla Variation 4 Crossing into the Electric Mag
Marcelo Radulovich (Se Esta Poniendo) Negro Accretions
Not available Not available Not available
Ennio Morricone Studio Di Colore Crime And Dissonance
The Legendary Pink Dots Guilty Man Shadow Weaver
Amps for Christ Cold As A Stone Electrosphere (side 1)
Birdsongs Of The Mesozoic Sirius The Scorching Dancing On A'a
Heldon Back to Heldon It's Always Rock and Roll / El
Machine Gun Take No Prisoners Open Fire
The Legendary Pink Dots Kingdom Of The Flies Malachai Shadow Weaver Part 2
Cartoon Ptomaine Poisoning Sortie
Forever Einstein phosphorus Opportunity Crosses the Bridge
Forever Einstein hydrogen Opportunity Crosses the Bridge
Jon Ochosama Smoke
Microwaves Thumbs Down, Lambpit Contagion Heuristic
Merzbow There Way All the Mosh Rectal Anarchy Gore Beyond Necropsy / Rectal Anarchy
Mouse on Mars Bib Iaora Tahiti