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Time Artist Track Album
The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour Magical Mystery Tour
Dissolve Rouge Satellite Third Album for the Sun
Zack Hill Memo to the Man Face Tat
Zach Hill The Primitives Talk Face Tat
The Lothars Beat Hive Meet the Lothars
Fantomas page 1 Amenaza al Mundo
Boredoms 6 Super Roots 6
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum Babydoctor of Natural History
Mindflayer Time Tunnel / Cosmic Crypt Chronoscape Collision Course Escape to the Hairier Peaks
ghosts of the canal transformation sessions from the flats
Pointless orchestra A Study in Metals Approaching Totality
Labradford Listening in Depth Prazision LP
190 The Seven Rays Switched on Eugene
Wendy Carlos Sinfonia to Cantata #29 Switched-On Bach
Richard Pinhas The Joe Chip Song (quartet - part 4) DWW