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Time Artist Track Album
Teenage Fanclub Belt Belt single
Radiohead Stupid Car Pablo Honey
Verve South Pacific A Storm In Heaven
Sebadoh Whitey Peach The Freed Weed
Stereo MCs Elevate My Mind Supernatural
Sub Sub Valium Jazz Full Fathom Five
Little Axe 15 to 4 Wasted
Bang Bang Machine Life's a Gas Unreleased Tracks
Marc Almond Incestous Love (Amours Incestueuses) Absinthe - The French
Slowdive Some Velvet Morning Souvlaki
Seefeel Come Alive Quique
The Heroines The Kiss The Kiss
The Boo Radleys Barney (...And Me) Giant Steps
Redd Kross Any Hour Every Day Phaseshifter
Sabres of Paradise Lick Wid Nit WIt Lick Wid Nit WIt
Delta Lady Anything You Want Anything You Want
Eat Static Nucleus Trance The Peel Sessions
Jesus Jones Machine Drug Scratched
Agent Side Grinder Voice of Your Noise Agent Side Grinder
Apes Mr. Changeling Tapestry Mastery
Bleach03 Samurai Jungle The Head That Controls Both Right and Left Sides Eats Meats and Slobbers Even Today
Buccinator Quick Quick The Great Painter Rafael
Burmese Rapewar Men
Buckminster Fuzzboard Introducing the Year 2000 How To Make C60 BR24 In Under an Hour
Blackout Beach Woe To the Minds of Soft Men Skin of Evil
Apse Balat Apse
Brokeback Pearl's Dream Looks at the Birds
Bardo Pond Green Man Lapsed
Earth Lullaby (take 2: How Dry I Am) Phase 3: Thrones and Dominions
Hellhole No Pain Hellhole
Liquid Jesus Sacrifice Pour In the Sky
Murphy's Law Ebony & Ivory The Best of Times
Nimrod Control Grandson of Ham
Parenthetical Girls Of Collateral Damage (((Grrls)))
Gowns Subside Red State
Heaven And Heaven And Sweeter As the Years Roll By
Fursaxa Lumaria Enters the Blue Lodge Alone In the Dark Wood
Factums Think Tank Spells and Charms
Jukeboxer Missing Link In the Food Chain
Jad Fair & Phono-Comb Just Across the Street Monsters, Lullabies
Cheer-Accident While Introducing Lemon
Circle X Pulley Celesial
Daisycutter Grievous Amalgam Shithammer Deluxe
Drop Acid Hardaway 46th & Teeth
Die Monster Die Vagina Dentata Withdrawal Method
The Ex Haydays Dizzy Spells
Ex Models Love Japanese Style Other Mathematics
Kill Me Tomorrow Stronger Toys Kill Me Tomorrow
Polysics Black Out Fall Out Neu
Psychic Ills 3. Dins
Cerberus Shoal Changabang I Crash My Moon Yacht
Silver Apples I Don't Care What the People Say The Garden
Space Needle Hot For Krishna The Moray Eels Eat the Space Needle
Space Streakings Kai Kai Scratch 7-Toku
Charles Spearin Mrs. Morris The Happiness Project
Spacemen 3 Big City (Waves of Joy) Demo Big City
Spectrum How You Satisfy Me Soul Kiss (Glide Divine)
Suede My Insatiable One (new piano version) single
Butterfly Child We, The Inspired We the Inspired
Swallow Lovesleep Lovesleep
Ultramarine Saratoga Saratoga Springs
Bim Sherman Keep On Movin Bim Bam Boom
The Velvet Underground After Hours The Velvet Underground