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Jacob Dawson /

Time Artist Track Album
House Red Coal Miner / High Reel Uncorked
The X-Seamen's Institute Run Come See Classic Maritime Music
Doc Watson John Henry Classic Folk Music
Northern Spy Mouth of the Tobique / Reel des Jeunes Maries / Reel de Montreal Choose Your Partners!
Brian McNeill The Atlantic Reels: Mac Iain Oig's / The Scot Erin Reel / Yester Man's Hand / The Old Man's Answer Scotland the Real
Alex Francis MacKay Welcome To Your Feet A Lifelong Home
John McCusker Air for Jakes McCusker
Notorious The Watermill / The Icy Cold Finger of Death Notorious
Avant Gardeners The Roaring Barmaid / LadyAnn Montgomery Tulip Bandits
The bothy band Michael Gorman's / The Frize Breeches / The Road to Lisdoonvarna / Joe Cooley's live in concert
Wild Asparagus Hommage a la belle Gaspesie/ Diable vert / Reel de Lievre / Festival des Voyageurs / Stuart's Groove From The Floor Up
Flapjack Ichabod's Last Ride / Simcoe Lass Flapjack
Terpsichore Montgomery's Rant Caledonian Muse
Leaping Lulu Heidi's Waltz The Walk Home
Laura and the Lava Lamps Bouchard's / Growling Old Man / Opera Reel Primordial Groove
Uncle Gizmo Beth Cohen's Uncle Gizmo
Matapat La jolie Rochelle petit fou
ad vielle que pourra Serre-moi Plus Fort, Victor / Plant a Cao Musaique
Dennis Botzer Drunke Gauger The House
The Avant Gardeners Waltz 'Round / Hotel Budapest Stronger Than Dirt
Altan The Curlew / McDermott's / Three Scones of Boxty / Unnamed Reel The Best Of Altan - Live
Magic Foot Exile of Erin / McElvogue's #3 / The Humours of Westport Magic Foot
Kennedy's Kitchen Roger the Shrubber Set A Pocketful of Lint
Kila The Siege of Carrickfinn International Airport Tog E Go Bog E
Tiller's Folly Heel & Toe / Muddy Frogwater / An Dram buidhach A Ripple in Time
Lunasa The Butlers of Glen Avenue / Sliabh Russel / Cathal McConnell's otherworld
Heritage April Waltz / Ookpik Waltz 'Tell Tae Me'
Tannahill Weavers St. Kilda Set Leaving St. Kilda
The Flying Cows of Ventry King James' Frolic / The Bogman's Tomb Celtic Ruminations
Sam Rizzetta Cedars in Snow Love Above All
Eileen Ivers Flowing Tide / Crock of Gold / Julia Delaney's So Far: The Eileen Ivers Collection 1979-1995
John McGann High Level / Doc Harris Upslide
Liz Carroll The Old Maid of Galway / Lizzy in the Lowground lost in the loop
Alasdair Fraser & Paul Machlis Ruileadh Cailleach, Sheatadh Cailleach / The Bird's Nest / Harris Dance Scotland the Real
Gaelic Storm South Australia Herding cats
Stan Rogers The Idiot Home in Halifax
Kila Dusty Wine Bottle Tog E Go Bog E
Silly Wizard The Humors of Tulla / Toss the Feathers / Saint Anne's Reel / Lexy McAskill / The Limerick Lasses / Jean's Reel Live Wizardry
Tannahill Weavers The Geese inthe Bog / Jig of Slurs The best of the Tannahill Weavers 1979 - 1989
Trapezoid British Grenadiers / Swinging on a Gate Trapezoid
Barleyjuice Monto Another Round
Gaelic Storm After Hours at McGann's Special Reserve
Tinsmith Calliope House / The Cricket's March Over the Saltbox Here Be Dragons