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Time Artist Track Album
Helium Termite Tree The American Jean / Termite Tree
R.E.M Driver 8 Driver 8 (Single)
Mockingbirds The Train Song Mockingbirds
Idaho Skyscrape Skyscrape (Single)
Velocity Girl Crazy Town Crazy Town (Single)
Sparklehorse Spirit Ditch Spirit Ditch (Single)
Twig Fall of Love Fall of Love / Riff
The Muffs Beat Your Heart Out Beat Your Heart Out (Single)
The Undertones Got to Have You Back Got to Have You Back 7"
Refrigerator Louder Than Goodbye Louder Than Goodbye
Run On Days Away Run On
Redbug Blue Light Special Blue Light Special
M is the Thirteenth Letter Safeless Safeless/Napoleon
Half String Sun Less Sea Oval
JawBox Static Jawbox/Tar Split
Minerva Strain Bloom Bloom
Shellac The Rambler Song The Rambler Song / Beauteous
Green Gotta Get Record Out Green
Loudspeaker King King / Lucky 13
Idaho Fuel Fuel
Flying Saucer Attack Land Beyond the Sun Land Beyond the Sun 7"
The Mountain Goats Going to Tennessee Why You All So Thief?