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Time Artist Track Album
Pavement You're Killing Me Westing (By Musket And Sextant)
Teenage Fanclub Hang On Thirteen
Girls and Guns Telecom doncast_righton The Big Waste of Time
Doug Cheatwood Pink Tentacles Special Star Road
Ramones I Don't Wanna Go Down to the Basement Ramones [40th Anniversary Deluxe Edition]
Girls and Guns Telecom doncast_how The Big Waste of Time
Goblin Cock Talking to Chaka Bagged and Boarded
The Dead Milkmen Stuart Beelzebubba
Guided By Voices Reptilian Beauty Secrets Tonics & Twisted Chasers
Don "The Don" Rastberger PSA Time! The Big Waste of Time
The Grifters Get Outta that Spaceship and Fight Like a Man Crappin' You Negative
Strapping Fieldhands Song of Mourning Dove Wattle & Daub
Girls and Guns Telecom Nice Easy To Go Bumper The Big Waste of Time
Gemma Hayes At Constant Speed Hollow of Morning
Girls and Guns Telecom doncast_5d The Big Waste of Time
Trumans Water Long End of a Firearm Godspeed The Punchline
Don "The Don" Rastberger Son of Even MOAR PSAs?! The Big Waste of Time
Billie Holiday I'm Gonna Lock My Heart Billie Holiday
Fred Lane I Talk To My Haircut From The One That Cut You/Car Radio Jerome
Girls and Guns Telecom doncast_wow_ass The Big Waste of Time
Gary Wilson 6.4=Make Out You Think You Really Know Me
Crispin Hellion Glover Clowny Clown Clown THE BIG Problem != The Solution. The Solution = LET IT BE.
Don "The Don" Rastberger Ten O'Clock Break The Big Waste of Time
Nurse With Wound You Walrus Hurt the One You Love The Sylvie and Babs Hi-Fi Companion
Sebadoh Showtape '91 III
Girls and Guns Telecom doncast_last_hope The Big Waste of Time
John Coltrane My Favorite Things live at the village vanguard again!
Negativland Technology (1987) Over the Edge, Vol. 5: Crosley Bendix: The Radio Reviews
Don "The Don" Rastberger Eleven O'Clock Break The Big Waste of Time
Dick Hyman Green Onions The Age of Electronicus
Girls and Guns Telecom doncast_whistle The Big Waste of Time
Built To Spill Car There's Nothing Wrong With Love
The Monkees Porpoise Song (Complete Stereo Master) Head [2010 Deluxe Edition]
Don "The Don" Rastberger This Is A Public Service Announcement The Big Waste of Time
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Mermaids Push The Sky Away
Plastilina Mosh Ode To Mauricio Garces Aquamosh
Girls and Guns Telecom doncast_reach The Big Waste of Time
Snakefinger I Love You Too Much to Respect You Manual Of Errors
The Mountain Goats Heel Turn 2 Beat the Champ
Girls and Guns Telecom doncast_real_dumb The Big Waste of Time
Suicidal Tendencies Institutionalised Suicidal Tendencies
Don "The Don" Rastberger Final Break The Big Waste of Time
Duran Duran Save a Prayer Rio
Girls and Guns Telecom doncast_ready_harp The Big Waste of Time
My Dick Dick On My List My Dick’s Double Full-Length Release
Girls and Guns Telecom ClosIng Theme The Big Waste of Time