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Time Artist Track Album
Faith No MOre Woodpecker From Mars The Real Thing
Faith No MOre Stripsearch Album of the Year
Faith No More The Perfect Crime Bill & Teds Bogus Journey Soundrack
Faith No More Sitting naked in front of the computer Album of the Year
Faith No More Richochet King for a Day
Faith no more A small victory Angel Dust
Faith No More Instrumental Some bootleg of mine
Faith No More Surprise Your're Dead The Read Thing
Faith No More The Big Kahuna Random bootleg
Tomahawk Captain Midnight Mit Gas
Dillinger Escape Plan with Mike Patton When Good Dogs do Bad Things Irony is a dead scene
John Zorn with Mike Patton Ballad of Hank McCain The Big Gundown
John Zory and Mike Patton Bridges to the Beyond Random bootleg
Mr. Bungle Carry Stress in the Jaw Disco Volante
Mr. Bungle Pink Cigarette California
Tomahawk Ghost Dance Anonymous
Fantomas Surgical Sound Specimens From the Museum of Skin Delirium Cordia
Fantomas The Godfather Theme Director's Cut
Mr. Bungle Goodbye Sober Day California
Mr. Bungle Desert Search for Techno Allah Disco Volante
Faith No More Ashes to Ashes Album of the Year
Tomahawk Aktion 13F14 Mit Gas
Moonraker ? Some live show
Faith No More I Won't Forget You Random bootleg
Tomahawk pop I Tomahawk
Mr. Bungle Slowly Growing Deaf Mr. Bungle
Faith No More Das Schutzenfest Random bootleg
Mr. Bungle Carousel Mr. Bungle
Lovage Book of the Month Music to Make Love to Your Old Lady By
Peeping Tom Giving all my love away Demo
Mike Patton Elelectricita Atmospheriche Candite Pranzo Oltranzista
Kaada with Mike Patton Viens Les Gazons Sent Verts Romances
Moonchild Sorceress Songs Without Words
The Stone Coda The Stone Issue 1