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Jacob Dawson /

Time Artist Track Album
House Red Coal Miner / High Reel Uncorked
Trapezoid Chorus Jig Trapezoid
The Chieftains O'Sullivan's March The Chieftains 7
Tinsmith The Royal Oak Here Be Dragons
Matt Molloy The Scotsman Over the Border / The Tenpenny Bit Music at Matt Molloy's
Silly Wizard Mrs. Martha Knowles / The Pitnacree Ferryman / The New Bob Live Wizardry
The Tannahill Weavers The Gypsy Laddie Teh best of the Tannahill Weavers 1979 - 1989
Brian McNeill The Atlantic Reels Scotland the Real
Moloney / O'Donnel / Egan Mulholland's Fancy 3 Way Street
Four Men and A Dog Newmarket Polkas Shifting Gravel
Maggie Sansone Captain O'Kane / Down the Brae Mist & Stone
Liam O'Flynn The Smith's a Gallant Fireman The Given Note
Mulhaire / Connolly / Coen New Copperplate / The Silver Spear Warming Up
Kennedy's Kitchen The New Copper Plate Set A Pocketful of Lint
Joannie Madden Cat's Meow / Partners in Crime A Whistle on the Wind
Cherish The Ladies The Cat's Meow Across the Waves
Kevin Crawford George White's Favorite / The Sligo Maid 'd' flute album
The Flying Cows Of Ventry Sligo Maid / Colonel Rodney Celtic Ruminations
Fiddlers Five The Silver Spire / The Glass of Beer / The Gravel Walk Fiddlers 5
Uncle Gizmo Four Potatoes / Catharsis / George Broker Uncle Gizmo
Leaping Lulu Scollay's Reel / North Carolina Breakdown / Catharsis The Walk Home
Notorious The Watermill / The Icy Cold Finger of Death Notorious
The Avant Gardeners Walts 'Roudn / Hotel Budapest Stronger than Dirt
John McCusker St. Bride's Way / The Bouncing Czech John McCusker
Wild Asparagus Jug of Punch / Pinch of Snuff / Jenny's Chickens / The Gravel Walk From the Floor Up
Flapjack Growling Old Man and Woman / Spring Thaw Flapjack
Sam Rizzetta Good For the Tongue / Rambling Pitchforks / Sonny's Mazurka / The Royal Paulownia Hornpipe Bucks & Does
Laura and the Lava Lamps Bouchard's / Growling Old Man / The Opera Reel Primordial Groove
House red All the Rage / The Popcorn Uncorked
Madeline MacNeil Nonesuch / Childgrove / ALman / Miss Wharton Duff / Walsh's Hornpipe Heart's Ease
Rodney Miller's New England Dance Band The Battering Ram / The Concertina Reel / Kiley's Reel Choose Your Partners!
Nickel Creek House of Tom Bombadil Nickel Creek
Magic Foot The Green Castle / The Road to Glountane Magic Foot
Sharon Shannon Sparky Out the Gap
LIam O'Flynn O'Rourke's / The MerrySisters / Colonel Fraser The Given Note
The House Band The Philadelphia Reel / The House on the Hill Rockall
ad vielle que pourra Andropov / Polka Felix Musaique
Arcady Hennessey's After the Ball...
Barleyjuice Scottish Samba Another Round
Adam McNaughtan Oor Hamlet Scotland the Real
Four Men and A Dog The Kilfenora Sexy Jig Shifting Gravel
Matt Malloy Cape Breton Jigs / McGurk's Music at Matt Molloy's
Sankofa Strings Black-Eyed Blues Colored Aristocracy
The X-Seamen's Institute Run Come See Classic Maritime Music
Stan Rogers The Legend of Fingal (dial.) Home in Halifax
Stan Rogers Giant Home in Halifax
Gaelic Storm Spanish Lady Herding Cats