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Time Artist Track Album
Peliatan village Hudjan mas (Golden Rain) Bali / Golden Rain
Semar Pegulingan Gambang Bali / Gamelan Semar Pegulingan: Gamelan of the Love God
Gamelan Angklung Margepati Bali / Music from the Morning of the World
Gender Wayang from Teges Kanyinan, Pliatan, Bali Rebong Bali / Music for the Shadow Play
Lou Harrison Concerto In Slendro Three Pieces for Gamelan with Soloists
Olodum Olodum Bahia Black Ritual Beating System
John Zorn Sex Magick IAO
Flakmask Flakmask These Landscaping Enhancements
Merzbow Track 1 Rainbow Electronics 2
Trans Am Casual Friday Red Line
Keiji Haino I Said, This is the Son of Nihilism. I Said, This is the Son of Nihilism.
Lord of the Yum Yum Bizet's Habenera Yum-musique
Mike Patton Inconsolable Windows in Search of Distraction Adult Themes for Voices
Sainkho Namchylak red-orange Nomad
Stockhausen Unsichtabare Chore Unsichtbare Chore
Zap Mama Bottom Adventures on Afropea 1
Ovo Voo Doo Miastenia
Ginger Baker Mektoub Middle Passage
Ana + Ana Habit of Hunger Split
John Oswald Open (Bo No Ma) Plexure
Einsturzende Neubauten Tanze Debil Strategies Against Architecture
Christian Marclay derailment moving parts
Abiku By the Toe Left
Ussachevsky Sonic Contours Pioneers of Electronic Music
Northern Liberties Controlled by Voices from Beyond Ghost Mind Electricity
Negativland When They Ring the Golden Bells Deathsentences of the Polished and Structurally Weak
Hulksmash Sleep Now the Hulk Smash Album
Mexico 1910 Sadly, we may have to count this one WTUL / Songs from the Basement
Justin Duerr + the Etheric Phoenix of L.O.V.E. Soundtrack for the Feminist Fashion Show Soundtrack for the Feminist Fashion Show
The Black Twigs Stairway to Hell's Holler midnight has come and gone
Black Swan Network three Late Music vol 1
Jack Rose White Mule Two Origionals of...
Stars of the Lid Requiem for Dying Mothers The Tired Sounds of stars of the Lid
James Plotkin / Brent Gutzeit mosquito veil mosquito dream
labradford wr mi media naranja