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The Hole /

Time Artist Track Album
Dying Fetus Second Skin Reign Supreme
Dio Shivers Master of the Moon
Defeated Sanity Lusting for Transcendence Passages into Deformity
Ozzy Osbourne Hellraiser No More Tears
Mega Death This Day We Fight End Game
Dying Fetus Stop at Nothing Stop at Nothing
Pig Destroyer Rotten Yellow Phantom Limb
Razor Violent Restitution Violent Restitution
Fudge Tunnel Leprosy Fudgecake
Necrosant Darkest Fears Desolate
Loudness Loudness Rockshocks
Kiss Rock and Roll All Nite Double Platinum
King Diamond Blood To Walk The Puppet Master
Inquisition Desolate Funeral Chant Ominous Doctrines of the Perpetual Mystical Macrocosm
Nevermore Sound of Silence Believe in Nothing
Octinomos Come To Jesus Fuckhole Armageddon
The Glorious Dead Gorefest Death is just the beginning II
Emperor I am the Black Wizards In The Nightside Eclipse
Today is the Day Going To Hell In The Eyes Of God
Dark Funeral My Dark Desires In The Sign...
Suffocation As Grace Descends Pinnacle of Bedlam
Seeds of Iblis Behind the Horns of Allah Anti Quaran Rituals
Stormtroopers of Death Black War Bigger Than The Devil
Fear Factory Shock Shock
Pungent Stench For God Your Soul For God Your Soul... For Me Your Flesh
Snag Lost Within Ourselves Awakened State
Skindred Tell Me Big Tings
Soilent Green Pretty Smiles & Shattered Teeth Confrontation
Naked Soul Dance With Me The Next Generation
Sound Tribe Sector 9 Mischief of a Sleepwalker Offered Schematics Suggesting Peace
Rhythm & Noise Filament in Strata Chasm's Accord
Omni Trio byte size life Meme
Intense Bohemian Renaissance Bohemian Pimp Project
Eyedea & Abilities Spin Cycle By the Throat
Cam'ron Oh Boy Come Home with Me
Del The Funky Homosapien Raw Sewage Eleventh Hour
Evidence It Wasn't Me Cats & Dogs