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Why is there an axolotl in my house, and why is it making bananas? /

Time Artist Track Album
Chris Cutler / Lutz Glandien Up to Our Elbows Domestic Stories
Crescent Exit Now
Lawrence English Hard Rain Cruel Optimism
Planning for Burial Past Lives Below the House
The Everyday Film goool New Skin Wine
Harry P***y III The Dead C
The Confused Designer Undeformed Allusions Eight Frozen Modules
Black Dice Birthstone Cold Hands
Lake Of Dracula Plauge of Frogs Camp Skin Graft
Godspeed You! Black Emperor Their Helicopters' Sing ’ALLELUJAH! DON’T BEND! ASCEND!
UFO or Die Zombie Tube Camp Skin Graft
Oneohtrix Point Never Nassau Replica
William C. Harrington God Bless the Miners Urban Electronic Music
Drawing Voices Mask Drawing Voices
Lazy Magnet Black Clouds, Pt. 2 Is Music Even Good?
Steve Bug Poison Of Choice Noir
Aphex Twin Peek 82454201 Richard D James Album