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Why is there an axolotl in my house, and why is it making bananas? /

Time Artist Track Album
Marlon Williams Dont go Back My Boy
David Byrne & St. Vincent The Forest Awakes Love This Giant
Babe Rainbow Inner Space The Organic Band
Mobius Band Friends Like These Heaven
Clamm Bit Much Care
Fannypack Keep It Up See You Next Tuesday
Star Party Meadow Flowers Meadow Flower
Black Stalin Ah Feel to Party Monarch Best of Straker's - Ah Feel to Party
Milk & Bone Borders Chrysalism
NNAMDï Dedication Please Have a Seat
Emilie Simon I Wanna Be Your DOg The Flower Book
Happy Family Portal Site for Sightseeing Minimal Gods
Digital Bled Batuquente Caravana
Sweeping Promises Cross Me Out Hunger for a Way Out
Yeah Yeah Yeahs Different Today Cool It Down
They Hate Change Perm Finally, New
Neon Neon Dr. Zhivago Praxis Makes Perfect
Tahiti 80 Puzzle Puzzle
Encyrption Baren Dreams Digitalis
Azam Ali Shirin From The Night To The Edge