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Jacob Dawson /

Time Artist Track Album
House Red Coal Miner / High Reel Uncorked
Swallowtail Irish-American Reel / President Garfield's Hornpipe / Frenchie's Reel After the Dance
Uncle Gizmo Four Potatoes / Catharsis / Booker Uncle Gizmo
Leaping Lulu Scollay's Reel / North Carolina Breakdown / Catharsis The Walk Home
The Avant Gardeners Waltz 'Round / Hotel Budapest Stronger Than Dirt
Dennis Botzer Mrs. Judge The House
Laura and the Lava Lamps Merry Blacksmith / Tamlin / Rock-a-Bye Baby Primordial Groove
Magic Foot The Green Castle / The Road to Glountane Magic Foot
Tommy Doherty I've a Polkie Trimmed With Blue / The Gallope Take The Bull By The Horns
Sharon Shannon El Mercado Testaccio Each Little Thing
Ad Vielle Que Pourra Andropov / Polka Felix Musaique
Martin Hayes The Britches Martin Hayes
Deanta The Mighty Clansmen Ready For The Storm
Maggie Sansone Boys of The Lough / Miss Monaghan Traditions
Madeline MacNeil Good for the Tongue Heart's Ease
Sam Rizzetta Bow and Be Simple / Simple Gifts When You And I Were Young
Mike Casey Lord Inchiquin The Hourglass
Four Men & A Dog Micho Russells Set Shifting Gravel
dot-dot-dash The Wedding Tarantella / Chassidic Medley / Sakura dot-dot-dash
Notorious Bei Mir Bist Du Schon Notorious
The Avant Gardeners Waiting for Jody Tulip Bandits
The Chieftains Friel's Kitchen The Chieftains 7
Swallowtail You Married My Daughter But You Didn't / St. Anne's Reel / The Joys of Quebec Flights of Fancy
Granite The Ballad of St. Anne's Reel Riverdance
Silly Wizard Mrs. Martha Knowles / The Pitnacree Ferryman / The New Bob Live Wizardry
Barleyjuice Boys of Blue Hill / Courtin' in the Kitchen Barleyjuice
Sankofa Strings Johnny Too Bad Colored Aristocracy
Doc Watson John Henry Classic Folk Music
Nickel Creek Cuckoo's Nest Nickel Creek
Terry Crehan, Matt Molloy, Paul Doyle, Noel O'Grady Tommy Coen's / The Otter's Holt / McFadden's Handsome Daughter Music at Matt Molloy's
Fiddlers Five Spootiskerry / The Ale is Dear / High Road to Linton Fiddlers 5
Brian McNeill The Atlantic Reels: Mac Iain Oig's / The Scot Erin Reel / Yester Man's Hand / The Old Man's Answer Scotland the Real
The Chieftains Live from Matt Molloy's Pub Water from the Well
Gaelic Storm After Hours at McGann's Special Reserve
Terpsichore Suitable for the Minister on the Loch Caledonian Muse
Fiamma Fumana Girometta home
Solas Legless Radio Sampler - "The Edge of Silence"
Sharon Shannon LIbertango Each Little Thing
The Tannahill Weavers The Shearin's No For You Leaving St. Kilda
Kila Dusty Wine Bottle Tog E Go Bog E
John Gorka Raven in the Storm land of the bottom line
Stan Rogers Giant Home in Halifax
John McGann Greystone Harbor Upslide
Alex Francis MacKay Welcome To Your Feet A Lifelong Home
Liz Carroll The Champaign Jig Goes to Columbia / Pat and Al's Lost In The Loop
Morrigan Adieu, My Lovely Nancy Classic Maritime Music