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Shea Butter /

Time Artist Track Album
Lana Del Rey Candy Necklace Did You Know There's a Tunnel underneath Ocean Blvd
Surf Curse Arrow Magic Hour
A Certain Ratio featuring Ellen Beth Abdi & Chunky Samo 1982
Avery Tare Invisible Darlings 7s
Quasi Queen of Ears Breaking the Balls of History
Death Valley Girls California Mountain Shake Islands in the Sky
Applesauce Tears Her Purse Falls and Everything ScatterS Artifacts
Miss Grit Perfect Blue Follow the Cyborg
The Black Keys Howlin For You Brothers
The Offspring Come Out And Play Smash
Mother Mother Problems Eureka
Overstreet Blue Blue
Shadow Academy White Whale Shadow Academy
Kenshi Yonezu Kick Back Kick Back
Big Data Dangerous Dangerous
Marina and the Diamonds Oh No! The Family Jewels
American Nightmare Life Support Life Support
Muse Supermassive Black Hole Black Holes and Revelations
Walk the Moon Jenny Walk The Moon
Panic! at the Disco Lets Kill Tonight Vices & Virtues
I DON'T KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME Absinthe 1981 Extended Play
Joey Valence Drop!! Drop!!
Ricky Martin Living La Vida Loca Ricky Martin
Mother Mother Hayloft O My Heart