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Bad Sound for Bad Ear /

Time Artist Track Album
Coil Ostia (The Death of Pasolini) Horse Rotorvator
Crazy Doberman The Sight of Earth Illusory Expansion
Peach of Immortality Untitled Talking Heads '77
EXP Alligator Pears EXP
... (12) Untitled No Title
Blind Lemon Jefferson Hot Dogs 1926-29
Mick Harris Sump & Siphon Culvert Dubs Session One
Deutsch Nepal Dead Dogs Entertainment Amygdala
Sound Effects Volume 25 Side A Sound Effects Volume 25
Experimental Audio Research The Enigma Coda Millennium Music
Sound Effects Volume 17 Side A Sound Effects Volume 17
Pharmakon Cheek By Jowl Devour
Rob Zombie How To Make A Monster Hellbilly Deluxe
Controlled Bleeding Bones Knees & Bones
Feverdreams The Next Day blue eyes
Girl Pusher Where's My Shit Don't Die
Dieselboy The Descent (Phunckateck VIP) Invid Remixes
clipping. Say The Name Visions of Bodies Being Burned
Doom Asylum Yelling Stress Techno
1 800 PAIN HSM !
Relapso Hinin Hinin
Dax Pierson Catch Nerve Bumps (A Queer Divine Dissatisfaction)
Machine Girl Ionic Funk (20XXX Battle Music) WLFGRL
Fire-Toolz (((Ever-Widening Rings))) Rainbow Bridge
Deli Girls punk girl/ lack of a better word Deli Girls
dog scream Kid Sees Road Kill Basement Membrane
Autechre Clipper tri repetae ++
The Gerogerigegege All You Need Is An Audio Shock, Pt. 1 All You Need Is An Audio Shock By Japanese Ultra Shit Band
Skinny Puppy Icebreaker Bites
Einst├╝rzende Neubauten Silence Is Sexy Silence Is Sexy