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Bad Sound for Bad Ear /

Time Artist Track Album
Breathe Blow Burn Breathe Blow Burn Breathe Blow Burn
Lack Ferula (Suite For Seven Environments And Arp 2600) Ferula + Veneficaes
John Cale Please Vintage Violence
Nazanin Noori Imagine All In A Hall Farce
Death In June Last Farewell 93 Dead Sunwheels
Graven Image Wayfaring Stranger Promo
Diva Cosmic Chandelier Divinity in Thee
Puce Mary Anthem Of Gratitude You Must Have Been Dreaming
Cindy Talk Circle Of Shit In This World
Charmaine's Names Quiet Fire Surname
Karen Finley Sacred Meat The Truth is Hard to Swallow
HIDE Pain Killer Black Flame
Einstürzende Neubauten Affenroulette Drawings Of O.T.
Demo-Moe Demolish NYC Demolish NYC
King Of Herrings Introduction We Only Change
Factrix, Cazazza Nancy's Little Gun California Babylon
Form A Log Time Nuts Bird Time
Joy Division Atrocity Exhibition Closer
Black Leather Jesus Untitled Birth / Death
Car Talk, Click And Clack, The Tappet Brothers Eggs Preston The Best Of & The Second Best Of Car Talk
Skinny Puppy One Time One Place Mind: The Perpetual Intercourse
Forced Into Femininity A Fanfare for the Common Man Erraticism
Scott Walker Tilt Tilt
Cube The Male Envelope 803-206-0028
Pan Sonic 7’06″ Oksastus
Gnawed Harm (Ill Begotten) Harm
African Imperial Wizard Kaocen Ag Geda Nzinga Mbande
Sobering, Bloom Offering Sobering– How Are You Still Alive Split
Fabio Frizzi Zombi 2 (Seq.1) Zombie Flesh Eaters - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
The Body & OAA Pseudocyesis Enemy of Love
Mindflayer Revenge Of Whales/Whale War It's Always 1999