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The Bog /

Time Artist Track Album
Shannon and the Clams The Bog Gone by the Dawn
Night Beats Nightmare Rajan
Wilco Heavy Metal Drummer Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
The Decemberists Summersong The Crane Wife
Punch Brothers Rye Whiskey Antifogmatic
Squirrel Nut Zippers Lover's Lane The Inevitable Squirrel Nut Zippers
Lesley Gore No More Tears I'll Cry If I Want To
Dead Ghosts You Got Away Automatic Changer
Sinn Sisamouth, Ros Sereysothea N/A N/A
Taj Mahal Queen Bee Senor Blues
Songs: Ohia Declarer Hecla & Griper
Harumi Fire By The River Harumi
The Garden California Here We Go California Here We Go
Animal Collective Loch Raven Feels
Together Pangea Money on It Bulls and Roosters
Pity Party (Girls Club) Peach Rings Girls Club
Boys Age Postcards Holiday The Odyssey
Froth Oaxaca Patterns
Jurassic Shark Best Left 2013-2015
The Growlers Derka Blues Hung at Heart