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Time Artist Track Album
Andre 3000 I Swear, I Really Wanted to Make a "Rap" Album But This Is Literally the Way the Wind Blew Me This Time New Blue Sun
Sammy Davis Jr. Nutrition Nutrition: Food Makes the Difference
Last Remaining Pinnacle* Breathe Breathe
Fear of Human* Freebird Skynyrd?
Disgruntled Nation* Drunkmail Drunkmail 7"
Submission Hold* Analysis of the Sumblimation of Ethics Through Insincere And Manipulative Means On the Part of the Power Holders Submission Hold
Neil Smith with the Flexapleasers* Bad Chicken Suit Chickens Roosters
Rod & the Ball Bearings* UFOs UFO ep
The Piss Shivers* We Rock, You Suck, So Fuck You Piss Shivers
Do Make Say Think Goodbye Enemy Airship Goodbye Enemy Airship, The Landlord Is Dead
Anne Murray A Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year The Best for '89
Deerhunter Pieces Microcastles
Girls Broken Dreams Club Broken Dreams Club EP
Zola Jesus Night Stridulum EP
Jay Som Everybody Works Everybody Works
Edwina Kirby Dietary Tips Nutrition
The Goldberg Sisters Shush The Goldberg Sisters
Jim James A New Life Regions of Light and Sound of God
Peter Blakely Happy Holiday The Best of '89
American Analog Set Come Home Baby Julie, Come Home Promise of Love
All of Them Witches That's A Real Head Scratcher Breathers vs Drivers
Steve Miller A Very Merry Christmas The Best of '89
Maserati Monoliths Passages
Ann Wilson Happy Holidays The Best of '89
Grey Spikes* Bad Dog Bad Dog 7"
Unborn SF* Bullshit Riot Bullshit Rio
Magpie Upper Upper
Talshezar* Spam Spam
The Cripples* Big Bear Big Bear
Blanks '77 10 Seconds 10 Seconds
The Dinks I Don't Know I Don't Know
The Independents Full Moon Arise Full Moon ep
Kill the Hippies Mathematicos Mathematicos
Berserkers Life On the Edge Life on the Edge
Reform Control* Destroy Policy Destroy Policy
Toilet of Power* 2 Ply 2 x 4
3:6* Shit Shit ep
Pizzle* The Gas Station Attendant Says He Only Has Light 100's Blues Smokes ep
Kisses & Hugs* Gas Fight Gas Fight
Leap Frog Society* Riptoff Riptide ep
Sheep Squeeze* Springtime In the Park the Seasonal Ep
Turing Machine Bitte, Baby, Bitte Zwei
Charlie Bisharat Merry Christmas From Shadowfax
Gitchee Gumee* Pickle Neck Stew Pickle Neck Stew
Seven Foot Spleen Rank Rank
Apeface Man Kill Man Man Kill Man ep
Putrid Cadaver Sharks Prefer White (What About You?) Racist Friend
Lopez Bilbo Baggins Rock Opera Lord of the Rings in 30 Seconds
Mulligan Stu Go Fuck Yourself Language
Boba Fett Youth Okay Fine, I'll Admit It; I Hate Everybody Boba Fett Youth
Cause Speak Speak
Dead Silence Money Money
Blackfork Furworm Ogyny
Nuclear Armed Hogs Talk All You Want Talk Talk Talk
Judas Iscariot Christian Science Christian Science
Salvo Rain Mud Pie Parody Salvo Rain
Ass Missile Sex Sells Porno for Profit
One Eye Open Dirty Fuckin' Scumbags Punks vs Hippies
Life After Johnny Herpe Is a Hypocrite STDs
Freak In a Jar Locust Bean Gum Freak In a Jar
Static Friends Again On and Off
Haggis 32nd Street Miracles
Panic New Tattoo Inks
The Nobodys Constipated Again Nobody Aint Nobody
Inept Breakin'...There's No Stopping Us Inept Covers
Eurich* Dance Slur Dance Album
The Acrylics Ugly Ugly
Johnny One Note* My Life as a Homosexual Gender Roles
Ferd Mert Where To Go Here / There
All You Can Eat The Cartoon Song Tune Toons
The Horny Mormons* Goat Ropin' Goats Go to Hell
Slick Fifty Crazy for da Polka Polka Saved the World
The Tito O' Tito Band* #6 singles
The Panics Depending On You with an article and a plural
The Cinnamon Imperials* Gift Presents for you
The Nards Hot Dog Hall of Fame Nathan's
J Church* 30 Second Song Short Songs
Junior Second 39 Tasty ep
Operation: Cliff Clavin* I Hate the Grateful Dead Cheers
Operation: Cliff Clavin* I Hate the Grateful Dead Cheers
Beef Jerky You Stink You Stink 7"
Schlong Poop Tart Breakfast of Champion Losers
Sockeye Baby Boogers Baby Boogers
Disappears Revisiting Guider
The Disgruntles Trapped Warp...Exist
Harvey Milk Skull Socks & Rope Shoes Life...The Best Game in Town
Bill Cosby Breakfast Nutrition PSA
Crowded House Feelin' Christmasy The Best of '89
Descendents Suburban Home Milo Goes to College
Mac DeMarco Rock and Roll Night Club Rock and Roll Night Club
Animal Collective two corvettes campfire songs
Blouse Firestarter Blouse
Dreamend Pink Cloud in the Woods So I Ate Myself, Bite By Bite
Neil Finn, Tim Finn, Nick Seymour Happy Christmas Crowded House
Halibutt Rose Halibutt
The Poops Lottery Special Lottery Special
The Chili Pimps I Like Manure Manure
Mens Recovery Project Captured Danish Photographer Danes
Mamarracho* Summer Camp '96 Summer Camp ep
Hornswoggle Public Service Announcement #1 PSA
Plainfield Platinum Edition Platinum
Sick N Tired Sold Sold
Blonde Redhead In Particular Melody of Certain Damaged Lemons
The Apples In Stereo Submarine Dream The Discovery of a World Inside the Moon
Eddie Katrain Fruit - Vitamin C Nutrition
The Decemberists Shiny iTunes Session
PJ Harvey This Mess We're In Stories From the City, Stories From the Sea
King Princess Tough On Myself Cheap Queen
Big Comb Tanner Boy Tanner Boy
The Kegel Muscles Bow Tie Daddy The Kegel Muscles
The Flies Barf Bag Barf Bag
VTO Baja California Baja
No Kill I Bonk Bonk On the Head No Kill I
The Sissies Broken Teeth Broken Teeth
The Hairy Italians All Across the World Hairy Italians
Los Huevos Ant House Ant House
The Slobs Bomb Threat Baby Bomb Threat Baby
LCD Soundsystem I Can Change Live at the BBC
deardarkhead surf's up Oceanside: 1991-1993
Flowchart Another Word Explodes Cumulus Mood Swing
Megadeth Cool Yule The Best of '89
Genitorturers Velvet Dreams 120 Days of Genitorture
Baroness Beneath the Rose Stone
Strychnine Dead Rats and Oakland Dogs STrychnine
Lupus Deep Pit Dog Head Lupus
Krupted Peasant Farmerz Slluks Slluks
Less Than Jake The Summer of '69 Less Than Jake
The Automatics King of the West King of the West
Violent Society Wake Up and Die Wake Up and Die
The Rickets Cool Enough For You Cool
The Carpet Knights Irish Cookie Irish Cookie
Youth Gone Mad Loagees Herb Garden Youth Gone Mad
Lizards I'm a Tyrant Lizards
The Fumes Sister Sister
Nothing Cool Social Commentary In Thirty Seconds or Less Nothing Cool
Buglite Too Much Sugar Too Much Sugar
Buglite Too Much Sugar Too Much Sugar
Against All Authority No Government Can Give You Freedom AAA
Boris the Sprinkler Time Bomb Tom Time Bomb Tom
The Crudlers Girls Best Friend Girls Best Friend
Your Mother 0 SF 0SF
The Buckys Short Songs Short Songs
Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians The Man With The Lightbulb Head Fegmania!
Florist Dark Light The Birds Outside Sang
I'm From Barcelona Forever Today Forever Today
The Hummingbirds Candle Tuesday
Ed Herns Vitamin C pt 2 USDA
Flesh For Lulu Happy Holidays The Best of '89
Hayley Kiyoko Wanna Be Missed Expectations
Hoops Gemini Hoops EP
Beach Fossils Golden Age Beach Fossils
High Pop Summer Means Nothing Without You Holy Smokes!
Frames Cold Hard Criminal Every Room
Architecture in Helsinki I Know Deep Down Moment Bends
Afghan Whigs My World Is Empty Without You Conjure Me single
Climie Fisher Merry Christmas Best of '89
Excruciating Terror* Down But Not Out Down But Not Out
Pat O'Brien Less Active USDA
Joseph Arthur Making Mistakes Vacancy
Belle & Sebastian Sleep the Clock Around The Boy with The Arab Strap
Badly Drawn Boy Exit Stage Right About A Boy
Black Box Recorder French Rock N' Roll The Facts of Life
Walter Glaser Outro Outro
Degrade Women and Children Blown to Shit Degrade
Gyga* The Guns Get Trained Gyga
No Think Arm Animals No Think
None of Your Fucking Business* I Live Track Live
Seventh Victim I'm a Big Chicken Seventh Victim
Seventh Victim* Daughter Daughter
Gasp Night Ranger Changed Their Name to F.Y.P. F.Y.P.
Your Mother Don't Fuck With the Ghost Your Mother
Hated Principles* Kervorkorama Hated Principles
Pound Wifebeater Pound
No Less Candygram Mongo vs Carl the Tooth Williams No Less
Action Jackson Bam pt 1 Bam
Action Jackson Bam pt 2 Bam
Action Jackson Bam pt 3 Bam
Little Princess This Is Napalm Little Princess
Little Princess Mystery Little Princess
Pretentious Assholes Fuck the Middle Class Pretentious Assholes
Pretentious Assholes Legislating Hate Pretentious Assholes
Resin* Hee Haw Space Chicken Dinner Resin 7"
Utter Bastard Puke Machine Puke Machine
Agoraphobic Nosebleed* Can You Dig? Can You Dig?
Society of Friends 12 Steps 12 Steps
The Locust* Do You Dig Deep Graves Do You Dig Deep Graves
Los Crudos Me Lo Paso El Culo Los Crudos
Los Crudos Desde Afuera Discografia
A$$troland Th' Riddler A$$troland
Rash of Beatings Altar to Waste Rash of Beatings
In/Humanity Lady Died In/Humanity
Dismal Marsh Gas Little Prince Little Prince
Bastard Noise* Ode to Judi Bari Ode to Judi Bari
Bastard Noise Death Wish for the Dying The Analysis of Self-Destruction
The Misanthropists Cruel, Rude, Defensive Street Entertainers Will Die of Hunger The Misanthropes
Harsh* Chloric A Chloric A
Despise You* Life Span Life Span
Devoid of Faith Hollowed Out Devoid of Faith
Beast* Philip Morris Crematorium Beast 7"
Bad Acid Trip Spaz Attack Bad Acid Trip
Bad Acid Trip* Ego Ego
Swiss Army Blanket Go Human Not Ape Go Human Not Ape
Black Army Jacket* Pugilistic Attitude BAJ 7"
Brother Inferior Moment of Silence Brother Inferior
The Beta Band The Hard One The Beta Band
Black Country, New Road Instrumental For the First Time
The Blood Brothers Love Rhymes With Hideous Car Wreck Crimes
Johnny Clegg & Savuka Merry Christmas Capitol 89
The Black Keys When the Lights go out rubber Factory
View From the Hill Merry Holidays Capitol
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds Stagger Lee Murder Ballads
The Clash Jail Guitar Doors Super Black Market Clash
Dead Kennedys Moon Over Marin Plastic Surgery Disasters
The Bouncing Souls Private Radio How I Spent My Summer Vacation
Final Conflict Promise Keeper Promise Keeper
Lack of Interest Frustration Frustration
324 Modify Modify
Avulsion Bootleg Holywater Bootleg Holywater
Avulsion Skin Defilement Dimensions of Darkness
Noothgrush Strawberry Shortcake and Friends Holding Hands and Going Around the Gazebo with Custard and Pupcake Watching SS
Noothgrush Dian Oga Embraced By The Anti-Self 7"
Suppression Feed On Their Vomit Feed on Their Vomit
Suppression Its All Black Magick and Robotics Split with Bottomfeeder
Slight Slappers Anal Count Anal Count
Melt-Banana* 7.2 Seconds Flipping 7.2 Seconds Flipping
Godstomper Last Request Sellout Last Request Sellout
Dead Bodies Everywhere Pepper Spray Pepper Spray
Gob Clobbered with a Brick Clobbered
The Dread Cock N Balls Cock N Balls
Burned Up Bled Dry Code Red Code Red
Fuck On the Beach Happy FoTB
Fuck on the Beach Grudge FOTB
Fuck on the Beach Never Trusty Tammy FOTB
Fuck on the Beach Killed By Fast FOTB
Fuck On the Beach Fuck On the Beach FOTB
MK Ultra Whalers, Jets, Nordiques MK Ultra
Slobber Three Well Placed Bullets Killed Four Members of Slobber Three Bullets
Sequal Happy Holiday Capitol
Happy Mondays W.F.L. 'Think About the Future' Mix - Paul Oakenfold Mix 12"
Inspiral Carpets Joe Dung 4
808 State Pacific State - Origin 12"
The Reivers Happy Holidays Holiday
James Come Home (Weatherall Remix aka Skunk Weed Skank Mix) 12"
The Farm Stepping Stone (12" Ghost Dance Mix) 12"
Peaches Fuck the Pain Away The Teaches of Peaches
Hypnotone Dream Beam (Ben Chapman Remix) Single
New Fast Automatic Daffodils Big (Baka) Pigeonhole
Paris Angels All On You (Perfume) 12"
The Bridewell Taxis Spirit (LFO Decision Remix) single
Electronic Get the Message (DNA Groove Mix) 12"
Future Sounds of London Papua New Guinea 12"
Melba Moore Happy Holiday Season Best of 89
Beloved The Sun Rising (Danny's Love Is...Remix) single
Aerobic Dancing Arms N Slow Job Aerobic Dancing
The Times Manchester 12"
Candy Flip Strawberry Fields Forever (Raspberry Ripple Mix) single
Ruido Habre Habre
Benumb With Without With Without
Benumb 2-10 Withering Strands of Hope
Benumb Just Short of the Line Withering Strands of Hope
Mexican Power Authority* Victorian Punque Victorian Punque
Combat Wounded Veteran - 28* I'm Sweet, I'm Sexy, and I'm Oh So Chocolate Combat Wounded Veteran - 28 7"
Assspatula I Eat My Own Shit Assspatula
Assspatula* Beatdown Beatdown 7"
Fanatics Hope Hope
Senseless Apocalypse* Pretense pt 2 Pretense 7"
Vilently Ill Sacrificed Vilently Ill
Nice View* Take Off Your Diaper Take Off Your Diaper 7"
Quadiliacha Gordon City Limits Gordon City Limits
Disassociate* Phatboy Phatboy
Palatka Let's Toss This Fucking Shit To the Fire! Palatka
Flash Gordon* Bassfisher Bassfisher
Japanese Torture Comedy Hour I Ran Over Your Dog While It Was Taking a Shit (pt 2) Japanese Torture Comedy Hour
The Judas Iscariot* Immobile Geniuses Immobile Geniuses
Scalp-Lock Profound Incessant Minimalism Scalp-Lock
Enemy Soil* The Great Debate The Great Debate
Enemy Soil* The Great Debate The Great Debate
Mange Ferrigno's Revenge Mange
Egotismo Fuck You Very Much Egotismo
Disney Violence The Spazz Triptych Disney Violence
Tomsk 7* South of Heaven South of Heaven
Marc Tamo* Outro Tamo
Fizzy Bangers Short Attention Span Short Music for Short People
Less Than Jake Anchor Less Than Jake
Teen Idols Ketchup Soup Teen Idols
Terrorgruppe All Comic Heroes Are Facist Pigs Terrorgruppe
The Living End Ready The Living End
Good Riddance Overcoming Learned Behavior Good Riddance
Bad Religion Out of Hand Out of Hand
Chixdiggit Quit Your Job Chix
Hi-Standard Doin' Laundry 7"
Aerobitch Steamroller Blues Steamroller Blues
Undeclinable Ambuscade Not Again UA USA
Unwritten Law Armageddon Singalong Armageddon Singalong
The Ataris The Radio Still Sucks The Ataris
Big Wig Freegan Free Fee
Nerf Herder Doin Laundry 7"
AFI Hearts Frozen Soil Sod Once More By the Spring of Rage, Despair, & Hopelessness AFI
Dillinger Four Farts Are Jazz To Assholes 7"
Swingin' Utters Back To You Swingin' Utters
Dorothy Ashby Soul Vibrations Afro-Harping
Quincy Jones & Bill Cosby HIkky Burr The original jam sessions 1969
Young-Holt Unlimited Rubber Lips Young-Holt Unlimited
Herbie Hancock Sly Headhunters
Stanley Turrentine Gibraltar Salt Song
Andy Bey Celestial Blues Celestial Blues
Jon Lucien Would You Believe In Me Rashida
Phil Ranelin Vibes from the Tribe Vibes from the Tribe
Lonnie Liston Smith & the Cosmic Echoes Expansions Expansions
Freddie Hubbard Mr. Clean Straight Life
Hazel Dean A Very Merry Christmas Best of 89
The O'jays I Can Hardly Wait For Christmas 12"
Brenda Lee Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree Rockin' Little Christmas
Chuck Berry Run Rudolph Run Rockin' Little Christmas
Moonglows Hey Santa Claus Rockin' Little Christmas
Dodie Stevens Merry Merry Christmas Baby Merry Christmas Baby
Lord Douglas Byron Surfin' Santa Surfin' Santa
The Gems Love For Christmas Rockin' Little Christmas
The Crystals Parade of the Wooden Soldiers Phil Spector
Darlene Love Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) A Christmas Gift For You From Phil Spector
Bob B. Soxx & the Blue Jeans Here Comes Santa Claus Spector
Phil Spector & Artists Silent Night Christmas Spector
Bobby Helms & the Anita Kerr Singers Jingle Bell Rock Jingle Bell Rock
Enchanters Mambo Santa Mambo Rockin' Little Christmas
Duke Pearson The Phantom The Phantom
Richard "Groove" Holmes Groovin' for Mr. G Comin' on Home
Les McCann Harlem Buck Dance Strut Layers
Melvin Jackson Funky Skull pt 1 Skull Session
Melvin Jackson Funky Skull pt 2 Skull Sessions
The Pharoahs Freedom Road The Awakening
The Velvet Underground After Hours The Velvet Underground