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Time Artist Track Album
Tom Waits Whistlin' Past the Graveyard Blue Valentine
Jamila Woods Bugs Water Made Us
Underscores Cops and Robbers Wallsocket
The Drums I'm Still Scared Jonny
Hotline TNT Protocol Cartwheel
Slow Pulp Doubt Yard
Caleb Hawley Can't Steal My Heaven Preshow Music
Baroness Under the Wheel Stone
Bar Italia My Little Tony The Twits
Dead Kennedys Kinky Sex Makes The World Go Round Give Me Convenience Or Give Me Death
The Kills New York God Games
Noonday Underground London Self-Assembly
Truth Club Siphon Running from the Chase
Liam Kazar Shoes Too Tight Due North
Drop Nineteens Scapa Flow Hard Light
Low Cut Connie Rio Get out the Lotion
Flamingods The Dip Head of Pomegranate
Flamingods Dirty Money Head of Pomegranate
Ill Peach Bloom This Is Not an Exit
Maps of Norway Matches Sister Stations
Romany Rye (Untitled) Love Song Quicksilver Sunbeam
T Bird and the Breaks Juju Baby Never Get Out of This Funk Alive
The Growlers Salt on a Slug Hung At Heart
The Mountain Goats Clean Slate Jenny From Thebes