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Time Artist Track Album
Milt Jackson and Wes Montgomery Blue Roz Bags Meets Wes!
Not Shakespeare Peace Prize Edge of the World
Electric Woodshed Never Worry Electric Woodshed
Deral Fenderson Drowning Big Dumb Rock (a collection)
Battlemaster You Will Be Reincarnated as an Imperial Attack Spaceturtle* Power Word: Kill
The Liberation Jumpsuit Metabolism of a Sword Swallower Blush in the Morning
Stations You Again A Positive Side to Negativity
Richard Jessee Project Midget Porn Attack Of The Killer Ringworm
Electric Woodshed I Ain't Alone Electric Woodshed
Dying for Anna Crimes of Paradox Songs of Madness
Jamiel Allen Do You Know Tunestone
Deral Fenderson Rased By Robots Big Dumb Rock (a collection)
Doug Cheatwood Barbasol Stories About Gods and Heroes
Ki: Theory Morning Light Ki: Theory
The Situationist Scarecrow Gasoline
Old Man Kelly My Next Ex-Girlfriend Off My Lawn
Richard Jessee Project Arse Attack Of The Killer Ringworm
No Strings Attached Roumainian Rhumba Coffee at Midnight
The Championship Gladstone Midnight Session
The Flamethrowers Rip This! Singed
Shred of Hope Overriding the Sixth Shred of Hope