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Time Artist Track Album
Brothers Johnson Strawberry Letter 23 Zy's Stuff
S.O.U.L. Burning Spear Zy's Stuff
Pieces of Peace Pollution Pieces of Peace
African Music Machine Black Water Gold Superfly Soul
Young Senators Jungle Superfly Soul
The Skullsnaps It's a New Day Superfly Soul
The skull snaps Tresspassin' Superfly Soul
The Backyard Heavies Expo 83 Superfly Soul
Ike Turner & The Kings of Rhythm Thinking Black Superfly Soul
Money Mark Information Contraband Changeiscomming
All Points Bulletin Band Sexy Ways, Pretty Legs [Pt. 1] Superfly Soul
Sorrrrrry!!! Too much for distraction! Radiothon shizzle and alll! I love you anyways, I'll call you
Would you like to buy a monkey? How about this monkey? He's a cheeky monkey.
Ten Years After Boogie On Alvin Lee & Company
Southern Culture on the Skids Soul City Dirt Track Date
Southern Culture on the Skids Meximelt Santo Swings
Southern Culture on the Skids Meximelt Santo Swings
Johnny Winter Mean Town Blues Woodstock '69
Dick Dale Mexico Unknown Territory
Reverend Horton Heat Psychobilly Freakout Smoke 'em If You Got 'em
Jimi Hendrix Here He Comes (Lover Man) South Southern Delta
Ah Crap!!!! Oh Well What did you expect from the older generation?!?