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Marcus Oliver /

Time Artist Track Album
Mochipet Laffy Taffy Core Girls Heart Breakcore
Sepultura Rattamahatta Roots
Dalek Ever Somber Absence
Regurgitate Perish in Blood Sickening Bliss
Jucifer Antietam If Thine Enemy Hunger
Menace Ruine The die is Cast The Die is Cast
Kings of Leon Day Old Blues Aha Shake Heartbreak
Godspeed You! Black Emperor The Dead Flag Blues F♯ A♯ ∞
Phantomsmasher Bishop Hopping Phantomsmasher
a Night in the Box the Garden Write a Letter
Richard Pinhas and Merzbow Merzdon/Heldow Kills Animal Killers Keio Line
Medeski Martin & Wood Anonymous Skulls End of the World Party (Just in Case)
Quintron The Boss Wants to Party With You Too Thirsty 4 Love
Rhys Chatham Die Donnergotter Die Donnergotter
Aidan Baker/Tim Hecker Auditory Spirits Fantasma Parastasie
Set Fire to Flames Steal Compass/Drive North/ Disappear Sings Reign Rebulder
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum Sleep is Wrong Grand Opening and Closing
Flying Saucer Attack My Dreaming Hill Flying Saucer Attack
SS Bountyhunter Officer Down Serpentsfor Eggs
Mono Lost Snow Walking Cloud and Deep Red Sky, Flag Fluttered and the Sun Shined
Hexen Gas Chamber State of Insurgency
Kepler Upper Canada Fight Song Fuck Fight Fail
Restform Bodies a Pimp-like God TV Loves You Back
Gang Gang Dance House Jam Saint Dymphna
Killdozer Knuckles, the Dog Who Helps People Uncompromising War on Art under the Dictatorship of the Proletariat