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Marcus Oliver /

Time Artist Track Album
Bong Ra Necrogoat Full Metal Racket
Electric Wizard Funeralopolis Dopethrone
Art of Noise Instruments of Darkness In Visible Silence
A Night in the Box The Legend of Kevin Mitsch/By The Sea Write a Letter
Squarepusher Don't Go Plastic Music is Rotted One Note
Yo La Tengo Spec Bebop I Can Hear The Heart Beat As One
Cheameleons UK Paper Tigers Script of the Bridge
Ride Vapour Trail Nowhere
Young Widows Delay Your Pressure Old Wounds
Restiform Bodies A Pimp-Like God TV Loves You Back
Nick Cave anf the Bad Seeds Cannibal's hymn The Lyre of Orpheus
Can Aumgn Tago Mago
Calla A Sure Shot Strength in Numbers
Nadja Flowers of Flesh Touched
Menace Ruine The die is Cast The Die is Cast
Jesus Lizard Dudley Goat
Secret Machines The Fire Is Waiting Secret Machines
Tom Waits Hoist That Rag Real Gone
Hexen Knee Deep in Dead State of Insurgency
Majestic 12 Condoleeza, Check My Posse Schizophrenology
Scrawl Your Mother Wants To Know Velvet Hammer
Fudge Tunnel Sunshine of Your Love Hate Songs in E Minor
Coil Tainted Love Tainted Love 12"
Sculptured Bodies Without Organs Embodiment
Sole Bottle of Humans Bottle of Humans
Skinless Salvage What's Left Foreshadowing Our Demise
Unsane Body Bomb Lambhouse
Jucifer She Tides the Deep If Thine Enemy Hunger