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Time Artist Track Album
Wadada Leo Smith Speeds Per Coil Snakish
Last Exit No One Knows Anything Headfirst Into The Flames. Live in Europe
Momentum 2 Force On a Moving Charge The Law of Reaction
Jim Hobbs Fully Celebrated Orchestra Chandini Peace & Pig Grease
Paul Flaherty Our Tears Are Always Young Voices
Rob Mazurek Them Sang So & Song Birds Silver Spines
Hurdy-Gurdy Venjan Prototyp
Frigg Interlud Brech
Keshvan Maslak & Paul Bley Trying To Be Not To Be a Star
Guillermo Gregorio Crimson Mountain Red Cube(d)
Fred Frith Sparrow Song Step Across The Border
Metamorphosis Knecht Dip
Meredith Monk Doctor / Patient Mercy
Eugene Chadbourne, Han Bennink Five Years later 21 Years Later
Eugene Chadbourne, Han Bennink Seven Years Later 21 Years Later
Dominic Duval Rectal Parasites Asylem
John Corbett & Heavy Friends 1 of 1 (IV) I'm Sick About My Hat
Brad Dutz I'm Thinkin' About Buyin' a Chainsaw When Manatees Attack
Metamorphosis Expedition Luff
Steuart Liebig / Stigtette Secret One-Hand Shake Delta
The Art Of Noise Out Of This World (Version 138) The Seduction Of Claude Debussy
Jon Ochosama Smoke
Red Krayola the ballad of younis and sofia amor and language
No Neck Blues Band Boreal Gluts Qvaris
Diamanda Gal Abasement Schrei X
Ahleuchatistas Lacerate On The Culture Industry
Faust L'Oiseau/Pause You Know Faust
Caspar Brötzmann, Page Hamilton Imbiss Zulutime
The Legendary Pink Dots Leper Colony Shadow Weaver
Rope Love Without the Illusion of Permanence Widow's First Dawn
Non Cleanliness and Order Easy Listening for Iron Youth:
Skullflower Tribulatino Tribulation
Elliott Sharp/Carbon Eyes Right Datacide
Forever Einstein europium Opportunity Crosses the Bridge
Amps for Christ Y2K March Electrosphere (side 2)
Mogwai & Kronos Quartet Xibalba The Fountain
L'altra Say Wrong Music of a Sinking occasion
Loren Mazzacane Connors Oh, My Beloved Evangeline
Parts & Labor & Tyondai Braxton jackpot rise, rise, rise
Loren MazzaCane Connors Enemy Calloden Harvest
Elliott Sharp Pornshards Beneath The Valley Of The Ultra-Yahoos
Powerhouse Sound New Dirt / King to Crown pt. 2 Oslo/Chicago: Breaks - Chicago Disc
Pan Sonic L?hetys Katodivaihe
Merzbow Heritage Banner Dictate Passion Hate Rectal Anarchy Gore Beyond Necropsy / Rectal Anarchy
Flat Earth Society Zonk ISMS
Otto Von Schirach Earjuice Synthesis (Urinate On MCs) Chopped Zombie Fungus
Wadada Leo Smith Gangah Wallah Snakish
Charles Gayle Thy Peace Consecration
Pachora KLINK Astereotypical
Drew Gress' Jagged Sky dolomite Heyday
Robert Musso Amu Darya Active Resonance
Mitchell, Roscoe Down at the Pond Sound Songs, Disk 1
Hugh Hopper Band Sinister Toilet Carousel
Joe McPhee Quartet Justice (Evidence) Underground Railroad (Disc 2)
Mark O'Leary / Cuong Vu / Tom Lucky Waiting
Pandelis Karayorgis Evidence (solo piano) The Other One
Groundtruther H-4 Longitude
Fred Frith Too Much Too Little Step Across The Border
Steve Latner and Mat Maneri Keeping It There Reaching
Biota Burn Daylight (Part 6) Almost Never
Steuart Liebig / Minim Kaleidoscope 23 Sulphur
The Nels Cline Singers Blues, Too the giant pin
Carlo Actis Dato Quartet Mopti Enna Milonga
Myles Boisen She Dreams Guitarspeak - Improvised Music
Curlew Rudders Bee
William Hooker, Christian Marc Part 6 Bouquet
Myra Melford Trio Frank Lloyd Wright goes West to Rest Jump
Roscoe Mitchell & The Note Factory The Megaplexian Song for my Sister
Famoudou Don Moye, John Tchicai, Hartmut Geerken Pink Pepper The Africa
Steuart Liebig / Minim Kaleidoscope 4 Sulphur
The Whitetop Mountain Band Lost Indian Pull Plus 10%
Larry Stephenson Iron Mountain Line Life Stories
Adrienne Young Ella Arkansas The Art Of Virtue
The Whitetop Mountain Band Lost Indian Pull Plus 10%
Larry Stephenson Iron Mountain Line Life Stories
Adrienne Young Ella Arkansas The Art Of Virtue
No Speed Limit Whiplash Sweet Virginia
Drag The River Paradise Grounded It's Crazy
Danny Barnes Dirt on the Angel Dirt on the Angel
Don Rigsby & Midnight Call These Golden Fields Hillbilly Heartache
The Biscuit Burners Donna Rose A Mountain Apart
The Ginn Sisters Get It and Go Blood Oranges
Bluegrass Brothers A Stranger In My Own Home Town The Old Crooked Trail
Old Crow Medicine Show I Hear Them All Big Iron World
Karl Morgan Your Good Man Talkin' With The Hands
Chatham County Line Louisiana Freight Train Route 23
Junior Brown So Close Yet So Far Away Guit With It
Chatham County Line Louisiana Freight Train Route 23
Warner Williams Mouse On The Hill Blues Highway (Live With Jay Summerour)
Micah Blue Smaldone Summerbelle, Winterbelle Hither and Tither
Charles Brown When the sun comes out A life in the blues
Joe Turner And T-Bone Walker Every Day I Have The Blues Bosses Of The Blues - Vol. 1
Various Artist Alligator Recor Michael Burks - Mean Old Lady Alligator Records 35 X 35 (Dis
Smokin' Joe Kubek If You Know What I'm Sayin' Bite Me
Snooks Eaglin Drifting Blues 2 New Orleans Street Singer
North Mississippi Allstars Be So Glad Hill Country Revue - Live at Bonnar
Hillstomp Poor Black Mattie The Woman that Ended the World
Reverend Charlie Jackson I Gave Up All I had to Serve the Lord God's Got It
Microwave Dave & the Nukes Highway 49 Atomic Electric
Derek Trucks Band Frisell Joyful Noise
Norman Blake So Tired Flower From The Fields of Alab
Larry Stephenson Behind Those Big Closed Doors Life Stories
Norman Blake So Tired Flower From The Fields of Alab
Feel like My Time Ain't Long Larry Sparks & the Marshall Fa An A Cappella Gospel Collectio
Big Daddy Bluegrass Band Randy Lynn Rag (Live) Live at Grey Eagle Music Hall
Thift Store Cowboys Understudy Law Low While Crawling or Creeping
Chatham County Line Savoy Special Speed of the Whippoorwill
The Ginn Sisters Time Blood Oranges
Junior Brown Holding Pattern Guit With It
Allison Moorer You'll Never Know Getting Somewhere
Blue Highway Howling Wind Wind to the West
Dry Branch Fire Squad Standing By The River Live at the Newburyport Firehouse (Disc 1)
Big Daddy Bluegrass Band Reuben's Train (Live) Live at Grey Eagle Music Hall
Iris DeMent Easy's Gettin' Harder Every Day My Life
Smoosh Slower Than Gold Free To Stay
Talking Heads The Big Country More Songs About Buildings and Food
Unwed Sailor Little Wars Little Wars
The Fall Popcorn Double Feature Extricate
Sloan Fade Away Action Pact