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Vassia /

Time Artist Track Album
Obscura The Anticosmic Overload Cosmogenesis
Exhumed Limb from Limb Slaughtercult
Hexen Seditions in Peacetime State of Insurgency
Incantation Demonic Incarnate Mortal Throne of Nazarene
Morbid Angel Blood On My Hands Covenant
Fleshgrind Rape Culture Destined for Defilement
Bathory Dies Irae Blood Fire Death
Sarcofago Fuck off Melodic Black Metal Crust
Meshuggah Humiliative Meshuggah
Gorguts Waste of Mortality Considered Dead
Obituary World Demise World Demise
Oppressor Passage Agony
Malignancy Postmortem Perception Cross Species Transmutation
Lawnmower Deth Dodo Doe Kids in America
Maleficarum Seasons of Black Across the Heavens
Negura Bunget In Miaz de Negru Zurnindu-sa
Unleashed Crush the Skull Shadows in the Deep
Misery Index We Never Come In Peace Traitors
Sodom Electrocution Mortal way of Live
Death To Forgive is To Suffer The Sound of Perseverance
Sorrow A Wasted Cry for Hope Forgotten Sunrise
Disharmonic Orchestra Perishing Passion Not to be undimensional conscious
High on Fire Master of Fists The Art of Self Defense