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Time Artist Track Album
Judas Priest Judas Rising The Essential Judas Priest
Benediction Electric Eye Grind Bastard
Night in Gales Darkzone Anthem Thunderbeast
Infectious Grooves Boom Boom Boom Grove Family Cyco
Suicidal Tendencies Give it Revolution Lights...Camera...Revolution
Pro-Pain Murder 101 Foul Taste of Freedom
Jeff Loomis Opulent Maelstrom Zero Order Phase
Anthrax Nothing Stomp 442
DragonForce Revolution Deathsquad Inhuman Rampage
Fear Factory Slave Labor Archetype
Gojira Toxic Garbage Island The Way of All Flesh
Iron Maiden Rainmaker Dance of Death
Hexen Blast Radius State of Insurgency
Metal Church Losers in the Game Hanging in the Balance
Machine Head All Falls Down Through the Ashes of Empires
Nevermore Born This Godless Endeavor
Iron Savior Ironbound Condition Red
Pantera Primal Concrete Sledge Cowboys From Hell
Primal Fear Lightyears From Home Black Sun
Venom All There Is Fear Resurrection
Skeletonwitch Baptized in Flames Beyond the Permafrost
Testament True Believer The Gathering
Archer Man Who Knows All Doom$Day Profit$
Emperor Towards the Pantheon In the Nightside Eclipse
Scar Symmetry Quantum Leaper Holographic Universe