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Time Artist Track Album
Flight of the Conchords Frodo, Don't Wear the Ring HBO Music Season 1
After Forever Estranged: A Timeless Spell Decipher
Black Sabbath The Wizard Black Sabbath
Manowar Heart of Steel Kings of Metal
3 Inches of Blood Destroy the Orcs Advance and Vanquish
Blind Guardian Lord of the Rings Tales from the Twilight World
Rhapsody Dawn of Victory Dawn of Victory
Ensiferum Into Battle Iron
Raintime Chains of Sadness Tales from Sadness
Helloween Eagle Fly Free Keeper of the Seven Keys Part 2
Nightwish Wishmaster Wishmaster
Lost Horizon Think Not Forever A Flame to the Ground Beneath
Thyrfing Home Again Urkraft
Korpiklaani Väkirauta Tales Along This Road
Blind Guardian Nightfall Nightfall in Middle-Earth
Demons & Wizards Winter of Souls Demons & Wizards
Battlelore Third Immortal The Last Alliance
Edguy Nailed to the Wheel Mandrake
Amon Amarth The Sound of Eight Hooves The Crusher
Wintersun Battle Against Time Wintersun