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Time Artist Track Album
Aphex Twin 4 Richard D. James Album
The Aphex Twin Digeridoo Classics
AFX Laughable Butane Bob Hangable Auto Bulb
Aphex Twin Wax the Nip I Care Because You Do
Aphex Twin Come to Daddy (Pappy Mix) Come to Daddy
Polygon Window Supremacy II Surfing on Sine Waves
Aphex Twin Donkey Rhubarb Donkey Rhubarb
The Tuss Death Fuck Rushup Edge
Power-Pill Pac-Man (original edit) Pac Man
Aphex Twin Xtal Selected Ambient Works
Die Fantastischen Vier Krieger (Aphex Twin Baldhu Mix) 26 Mixes for Cash
Smojphace Analoggins Analord 06
Plug I Freak Technique Drum 'n' Bass for Papa
Wagon Christ Shadows Sorry I Make You Lush
Luke Vibert Comfycozy Chicago, Detroit, Redruth
Spac Hand Luke London Amen Andrews vs. Spac Hand Luke
Amen Andrews Multiple Stab Wounds Amen Andrews vs. Spac Hand Luke
Luke Vibert Prick Tat Lover's Acid
Luke Vibert & BJ Cole Dischordzilla Stop the Panic
Kerrier District Disco Bus Kerrier District
The Ace of Clubs Classid One Classid Trax
Vibert/Simmonds Tinned Teardrop Weirs
Wagon Christ Night Owls Throbbing Pouch
Wagon Christ Lovely Tally Ho!
Squarepusher Come on My Selector Big Loada