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Marcus Oliver /

Time Artist Track Album
Atari Teenage Riot Speed! Burn, Berlin, Burn
Zweizz The Yawn of a New Age The Yawn of a New Age
Ladyscraper Chunderchunkmaster Vomit!
Dev/Null Hip Hop 2 Lazer Trash
Infection Agenda Depravity and Murder Pop//Cultur//Renaissance
Toecutter XianOvenaxxSoianteNeuf Vomit!
Angerfist Kidnapped Redneck Pissin Razorbladez
Kill Memory Crash Riyout American Automatic
Cardopusher Travestieten Transexxuelen Over the Rainbow Braak Vomit!
Alec Empire Hard Like It's a Pose The Destroyer
Bong Ra Necrogoat Full Metal Racket
Godflesh Streetcleaner In All Languages
End Euro Inferno Breakcore Gives me Wood
Xanopticon Constant Liminal Space
Kid606 Two Fingers in the Air Anarchy Style Down With The Scene
Donna Summer The Electric Slippery Breakcore Gives me Wood
DJ Paul Estak Pump This Party May the Forze be With
FFF War is the Dance Breakcore Gives me Wood
Mochipet Laffy Taffy Core Girls Heart Breakcore
Ripit Peplum Guerilla Breakcore Gives me Wood
Oingo Boingo Weird Science Dead Man's Party
Otto von Schirach Invincible Meat Boy Chopped Zombie Fungus
Comatone Time Stretching Sickness Vomit!
Atari Teenage Riot Deathstar The Future of War
Droon Cripplefight Breakcore Gives me Wood
Vankmen Bloody Steel in the Hour of Chaos Vomit!
Venetian Snares Cancel Cavalcade of Glee and Dadaist Happy Hardcore pom Poms
Angerfist Dance With Wolves Pissing Razorblades
DJ Floorclearer I Shit on the Chest of Fun Vomit!
Pu22l3 I Can't Help But Notice the Cankerous Sore on Your Genitals Falling to Pieces
Dolon Monkey Talk5 Vomit!
Dev/Null Symphonies of Suckiness Lazer Thrash
Aphex Twin Milkman Richard D. James
Drop the Lime Press Charges Drop the Lime
Xanopticon Slow Walk Down Liminal Space
Otto Von Schirach Three Billion Electron Volts Maxipad Detention