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Time Artist Track Album
Cephalic Carnage Black Metal Sabbath Lucid Interval
Cannabis Corpse Staring Through My Eyes That Are Red Blunted at Birth
Vulnerata Wounded Flesh Wounded Flesh
Meshuggah Spasm Nothing
Impaled Fecal Rights The Dead Shall Remain
Exit 13 Legalize hemp Now! ...Just a few more hits
Bolt Thrower Through the Eye of Terror Realm of Chaos
Gore Station to Station Hart Gore
Crowbar Will that Never Dies Crowbar
Acid Bath Jezebel When The Kite String Pops
Noothgrush Made uncomfortable by others pain erode the person
Greif I Won't Come Back ...And Man Will Become the Hunted
Obscura Cosmogenesis Cosmogenesis
Mastodon The Last Baron Crack The Skye
Electric Wizard Another Perfect Day? We Live
Sleep From Beyond Holy Mountain
Tombs Filled With Secrets Winterhours
Dystopia Self Defeating Prophecy The Aftermath...
Isis Threshold of Transformation Wavering Radiant
Chevreuil Turbofonte Chateauvallon