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Matthew Danger Sherman /

Time Artist Track Album
Brian Eno Web (Lascaux Mix) Nervenet
Max Roach / Abdullah Ibrahim Streams of Consciousness Streams of Consciousness
John Coltrane You Leave Me Breathless Plays for Lovers
Sigur Rós Ageaetis Byrjun Hvarf Heim
Tim Hecker Paragon Point An Imaginary Country
Minutemen Glory Of Man Double Nickels On The Dime
Bad Brains I Against I I Against I
Black Flag My War My War
Husker Du Reoccuring Dreams Zen Arcade
Pinback Rosseau This is a Pinback CD
Drive Like Jehu Do You Compute Yank Crime
Pig Destroyer Preacher Crawling Prowler in the Yard
Napalm Death I Abstain Utopia Banished
Death Zero Tolerance Symbolic
Dying Fetus One Shot, One Kill Stop At Nothing
Morbid Angle Dominate Dominate
Meshuggah Shed Catch 33
Nile Cast Down the Heretic Annihilation of the Wicked
Cryptopsy ...And Then It Passes And Then You'll Beg
Dysrythmia Appeared at First Barriers And Passages
Minsk Ceremony Ekstasis Ritual Fires of Abandonment
Boris with Michio Kurihara You Laughed Like a Water Mark Rainbow
Slint Glenn Slint
Yndi Halda A Song for Starlot Beaches Enjoy Eternal Bliss