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Time Artist Track Album
Thom Yorke Cymbal Rush The Eraser
Mono Yearning Gone
65daysofstatic Retreat Retreat (Mothboy Remix) Hole EP
Fugazi Cashout The Argument
The Brian Jonestown Massacre Here To Go This is Our Music
Explosions in the Sky 6 Days at the bottom of the ocean The earth is not a cold dead place
Anoice Liange Remmings
Godspeed You! Black Emperor Storm (Lift Yr. Skinny Fists, Like Antennas to Heaven... / Gathering Storm / Il Pleut À Mourir [+Clatters Like Worry] / "Welcome to Barco AM/PM..." [L.A.X.; 5/14/00] / Cancer Towers on Holy Road Hi-Way) Lift Yr. Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven!
Need New Body Show Me your Heart UFO
Brutal Truth Bob Dylan Wrote Propoganda Songs Evolution Through Revolution
Dillinger Escape Plan Variations on a Cocktail Dress Calculating Infinity
In Flames Take This Life Come Clartiy
Corinthian Order Meathook Debut EP
Coalesce Whole Lotta Love There is Nothing New Under the Sun
Zao A Last Time For Everything The Fear is What Keeps us Here
Swarm of the Lotus House at the Bottom of the Sea The Sirens of Silence
Rwake Crooked Rivers Voices of Omens
Mono Ashes in the Snow Hymn to the Immortal Wind
Tribes of Neurot Tribal 60 Degrees
Red Sparrows Mechanical sounds cascaded through the city walls and everyone reveled in their ignorance At Soundless Dawn
Dub Trio Sick Im Kid (Live) Exploring the Dangers Of