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Time Artist Track Album
Tom Chapin A song of one Mother Earth
The bacon brothers Philadelphia Chickens philadelphia chickens
Taj Mahal Fishin' Blues That's what little boys are made of
Ziggy Marley and The Melody Makers Give A Little Love For Our Children
Wendy Gelsanliter Dancin In The Kitchen Dancin In The Kitchen
The Rezillos Flying Saucer Attack Hey, Mr. Spaceman
They Might Be Giants John Lee Supertaster NO!
Barenaked Ladies La La Lemon For the Kids
top pop Walk Like an Egyptian top pop
Sarah McLachlan The Rainbow Connection For the Kids
Woody Harrelson Happy to the Sun For Our Children
Dumbo When I see an Elephany Fly Classic Disney Vol V
Michael Bolton You are my sunshine For Our Children
Bruce Springstein Chicken Lips and Lizard Hips For Our Children
Uncle Moondog Dancin With My Dog Uncle Moondog
The Seldom Herd cows Philadelphia Chickens
Aaaardvarks Intermission song Philadelphia Chickens
Steve Weeks Professor Poindexter P. Puggleston's Prepostrapercopopulataportapipplephone Alphabet Songs Vol. II
Sweet Honey in the Rock Down the road i be a going I Got Shoes
Sweet Honey in the Rock Look! Look! THe sun woke up! I Got Shoes
Steven Tyler I Love Trash Songs From The Street
Oscar the Grouch I Love Trash Songs from the Street
Hoyt Axton Jeremiah was a Bullfrog Jeremiah was a Bullfrog
Hootie and the Blowfish Hold my Hand Songs From The Street
Sweet Honey In The Rock Run Molly Run I Got Shoes
Cats 'n Jammers Put On Your Green Shoes Put On your Green Shoes
John McCutcheon Little White Star Family Garden
Kevin Kline BusyBusyBusy Philadelphia Chickens
Melissa Etheridge The Green Grass Grew All Around For Our Children
Trout Fishing In America 18 Wheels on a Big rig That's what little boys are made of
Fred Penner The Cat Came Back The Cat Came Back
Steve Weeks Ivan Idea Alphabet Songs Vol. II
The Byrds Hey Mr. Spaceman Hey, Mr. Spaceman
Indigo Girls Wild Wild Party In The Loquat Tree Put On Your Green Shoes