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Verde Invierno /

Time Artist Track Album
Finitribe Monster Club Monster in The House
Meat Beat Manifesto Psyche-Out 99%
Wavves No Hope Kids Wavvves
Stereolab I'm Going Out of My Way Transient Random-Noise Bursts With Announcements
Liars There's Always Room on The Broom They Threw Us All in a Trench and Stuck a Monument on Top
No Luck Club Triad Zone Prosperity
Paulinho da Costa Ritmo Number One Batucada: The Sound of the Favelas
Add N to (X) Steve's Going to Teach Himself Who's Boss Avant Hard
Unwound Ratbite Fake Train
Southern Culture on the Skids Mexy-Melt Beyond the Beach
The Residents Six Things to a Cycle, Part 2 Fingerprince
Pinback Offline P.K. Blue Screen Life
Swans Big Strong Boss Filth
Pram Track of The Cat Dark Island
Os Mutantes Bat Macumba The Best of Os Mutantes
Coughs Elimidate Fright Makes Right
Mr. Oizo Smoking Tapes Mr. Oizo
Meat Puppets Aurora Borealis Meat Puppets II
Carcass Exhume To Consume Symphonies of Sickness
Monolith Machinebreak Talisman
Dub Narcotic Sound System Sounds Narcotic (Smash The Record) Degenerate Introduction
Arab on Radar God is Dad Yahweh or the Highway
Leila Time to Blow Blood, Looms, and Blooms
Narwhalz of Sound Untitled The Church of the Pom Wizard
Antibalas Beaten Metal Security
Various Artists La Botellita Ayombe: The Heart of Colombia's Music
Beastie Boys Shake Your Rump Paul's Boutique
Made in Mexico Black Rabbit Zodiac Zoo
Jungle Brothers Jimmy's Bonus Beat Straight Out of the Jungle
Catupecu Machu Dale Dale!
Angry Samoans Tuna Taco / Coffin Case / You Stupid Jerk Back From Samoa
Holy Molar Hindsight 'Tween The Hind Legs The Whole Tooth
Ear Pwr Beam of Light Super Animal Brothers III
The Normal T.V.O.D. T.V.O.D.
Slug Choker The Smitten Love Song Comp.
Ex-Models What is a Price Zoo Psychology
My Bloody Valentine Feed Me With Your Kiss Isn’t Anything
A Witness Sharpened Stick Loudhailer Songs
Liquid Liquid Bellhead DFA Compilation #2
Stretchheads Asylum Suck Five Fingers, Four Thingers, A Thumb, A Facelift and a New Identity
Franklyn Hernandez y su Tipican Brothers Tierra Dominicana Quisqueya en el Hudson
Klinik Hours and Hours Melting Close + Sabotage
Gouseion Barclay Puisne
XBXRX Make Force Sixth in Sixes
I Want My Mommy Ripped Off By a Girl Scout Colic
Adult. Blank Eyed, Nose Bleed Anxiety Always
Machinedrum Disa Bling Bidnezz
LL Cool J It's a Lie Radio
The Mission UK Deliverance Deliverance
Midnight Oil Short Track 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
Snake Apartment Sad Orgasm Paint The Walls
Husker Du New Day Rising New Day Rising
Middle Class Out of Vogue Stage Diving to the Oldies
The Weirdos Helium Bar Stage Diving to the Oldies