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Symphonies of the Night /

Time Artist Track Album
Theatre of Tragedy Revolution Forever is the World
Mechina Earth-Born Axiom Acheron
KAMIJO Sacrifice of Allegro Symphony of the Vampire
Diablo Swing Orchestra Balrog Boogie The Butcher's Ballroom
Forever Slave Lunatic Asylum Alice's Inferno
Damnation Angels The Longest Day of my Life Bringer of Light
Anathema Suicide Veil Eternity
Scar Symmetry Holographic Universe Holographic Universe
Everlasting Dawn Cataclysm Of Frozen Hearts and Bloody Whores
Epica Death of a Dream (The Embrace That Smothers, Part VII) The Divine Conspiracy
Napalm Death One-Eyed Apex Predator - Easy Meat
Tristania The Ravens Illumination
Elysion The Rules Silent Scream
Falconer The Return Grime vs. Grandeur
Lyriel The Regret (Machin8 remix) Paranoid Circus
Nightwish The Riddler Oceanborn
Tarja The Reign My Winter Storm
Therion The Return Of Darkness...
Unexpect The Revival Utopia
Arven Rainsong Black is the Colour
Emerald Sun Planet Metal Regeneration
Damnation Angels Icarus Syndrome The Valiant Fire
Northern Kings Creep Reborn
Van Canto Hero Hero
Within Temptation Summertime Sadness The Q-Music Sessions
Northern Kings In the Air Tonight Reborn
Nightwish Walking in the Air Oceanborn
Ewan Dobson What Is Love Acoustic Metal
Delain Smalltown Boy Smalltown Boy
At the Lake Sonne Māÿā
Van Canto The Final Countdown Dawn of the Brave
Northern Kings Training Montage Rethroned
Saidian Solomon's Dance Evercircle
Epica Unleashed Design Your Universe