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Symphonies of Sickness /

Time Artist Track Album
Cryptopsy Cold Hate, Warm Blood Whisper SUpremacy
Dying Fetus Schematics Stop At Nothing
Gorguts Condemned to Obscurity The Erosion of Sanity
Grapes Nightrider Children of the Grape
Grapes Valentines Day Children of the Grape
Hexen Seditions in Peacetime State of Insurgency
The Chasm Storm of Revelations Procession to the Infraworld
Disembowelment The tree of life and death A Transcendence into the Peripheral
Circle of Dead Children Digestive Ceremony The Genocide Machine
Blasphemy Ritual Fallen Angel of Doom
Bathory A Fine Day To Die Blood Fire Death
Darkthrone Kathaarian Life Code A Blaze in the Northern Sky
Mayhem De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas Funeral Fog
Master's Hammer Utok Ritual
Sodom One Step Over The Line Tapping the Vein
Arckanum Kununger Af Þæn Diupeste Natur Fran Marder
Beherit Destroyer of Thousand Worlds Engram
Sorhin I Skuggan Af Nattens Herre I Det Glimrande Mörkrets Djup
Scald In the Open Sea The Will of the Gods is Great Power
Ereb Altor Perennial By Honour
Weakling No One Can Be Called As a Man While He'll Die Dead As Dreams
Belenos Le Domaine des Songes (acte 2) Errances Oniriques
Panopticon Mersktave Collapse
Deathspell Omega III Kenose
Nightbringer Feast of the Manes Death and the Black Work