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Our 70th anniversary RADIOTHON is here! Tune in to our exceptional themed programming all week long! And don't forget to donate! Click here to see our Program Guide for this semester, and click here to see what premiums you can get by donating.

See below for this week's updates from our General Manager!



Hello there,

Hope you all had fun celebrating WUVT's 70th anniversary today!

Thank you so much for your donations and support this week, it was an amazing time.

As of now, 11:42pm we have raised $13,328.44 in donations! Remember, if you still haven't donated but yet plan to, try and get those in by midnight to guarantee that you receive your premiums, as we'll be placing orders very soon.

Now for a social media update: The Beatles won it all and so did twitter user @supr8zomboy, CONGRATS!

Thanks again to each and every one of you for sharing an incredible week of radio with us and a piece of WUVT history! 70 Years WOW

Signing off (for what may well be the last time) Your Friend, Shanice Aga <3



Hey all,

So far we have raised $11,673.44. Thank you so much for all your donations!

On the twitter polls today for the band brackets, the beatles beat modest mouse in the last poll before the final showdown, so please go online and vote tomorrow!

On instragram we posted another fun throwback:

Old Station Setup

Themes on our final day of radiothon this year, and WUVT's 70th birthday!!!:

From 7-9am I (me) (Shanice) will be playing a bunch of grace jones and the cure for you because that's all that matters to me at the moment.

From 9pm-midnight our amazing FMPD, Michael, will be playing a show titled Battle of the Fake Genres: Pirate Metal vs. Aliencore.

Tune in and remember if you haven't donated yet tomorrow until midnight is your last opportunity to donate and receive super special 70th anniversary premiums! If you have donated for Radiothon already I thank you, and remember that we do accept donations year round and have the option for you to do reoccurring monthly donations if you so desire.

Thank you for tuning in all week, supporting us kids, and local live radio programming, we appreciate it!

I'll be back with the final update tomorrow!

Your Friend, Shanice



Hello again,

I'm real excited to inform you all that, thanks to your amazing, boundless generosity, we have now raised a total of $9,603.43! That's over $3,000 raised in just one day of great programming from our dedicated DJs.

Thank you all! But don't rest yet, we still have 2 more days of Radiothon and a zillion more donation opportunities!

For those of you in the bracket: On our twitter today Bowie beat the Talking Heads in our polls, thus solidifying the failure of my own band bracket. If you still have a chance, or want to ruin other peoples, keep checking the twitter.

On our instagram we posted a few photos and quotes from our current staff, take a look, get to know them and why they think WUVT is "... an experience like no other."

Coming up on our Saturday schedule:

7-9am: Listen to famous truckin' songs with Pete.

7-9pm: Our Business Manager, Laura, is going all out on her last Radiothon with a show titled Kevin's Famous Chili: A Radiothon Event. Tune in to hear the sweet sounds of the beloved TV show The Office.

Gear up, we still got two days of Radiothon to go!

Your Friend, Shanice



This Thursday our donation total went up to $6260.85! Thank you all for your donations!

On the twitter polls Modest Mouse beat out Daft Punk and The Talking Heads won over Beck. Keep checking our twitter to participate in the polls and see how your brackets are holding up!

On instagram we are continuing to post old alumni photos and what WUVT means to our current staff - Here's a great throw back photo from today featuring Jim Bigwood and Greg Bale recording a Hokieman promo in Studio B in about 1976:

Recording Hokieman Promo

look out for these themed shows coming to you on the best station in the world as we move into Friday:

7 - 9am: Tune in to experience folk music from Appalachia and its influence brought to you by Thomson, Mother Thomson, and Brother Thomson

2 - 3:30pm: Our Woove co-editor in chief Conor Cadra takes us on a historic musical exploration of folk songs from the soldiers and volunteers who fought in the Spanish Civil War, as well as modern popular music inspired by the conflict.

AND MUCH MORE. So listen, call in, enjoy the shows our DJs have so lovingly prepared for you, and, if you're feeling generous, please donate!

Your Friend, Shanice



We are fast approaching Thurday so here is a recap of Wednesday:

You all have donated a total of $4,785.15 in donations so far, THANK YOU!

On our twitter band bracket polls Bowie beat out Cash and Radiohead lost to The Beatles.

On instagram we are posting photos of the current staff-heads and what we all love about WUVT! So if you want to get to know us a little better check that out.

This is what our flower sniffin' PR/Outreach Director Elyse Johnston had to say:

"I joined wuvt last spring with my best friend, and it was the best decision I’ve made at VT. This semester, I became a staff head. I am so grateful to work alongside the people that I do, because they amaze me every day. WUVT continually encourages me to step out of my social and musical comfort zones and to expand my thinking. Bringing the community together through music is something that I am super passionate about, and WUVT enables me to do that directly through Green Eggs and Jam. There is so much positivity associated with college radio, and it has truly brightened my life."

If you too are amazed by WUVT everyday please consider donating!

AND tune in to our great Thursday Themes:

12-2pm: Our Music Director Laurel brings you songs for all seasons

7-9pm: Put down that self help book you bought and open ur ears to James Wood, bringing you songs that'll uplift you.

9pm-midnight: The Rare Groove, a continuation of the fall radiothon theme linking songs through times mentioned in the lyrics, but this time going backwards.

Keep the donations rolling in, call our DJs and enjoy the themes!

Your Friend, Shanice



Hey Hey,

Thank you for all your donations!! We are up to $2,590 in pledges on DAY 2!

If you're following our band bracket on twitter Beck beat out Pavement and our Buisness Manager Laura, the number one fan of Pavement is brokenhearted. I think i'm doing pretty poorly in the bracket and hope you're doing much better than me.

Here's another cool photo of WUVT back in the day from our instagram today!:

Old Sation Setup

So, It's Wednesday!

There's a lot more in store for you on the WUVT waves so please tune in and enjoy our themed radiothon shows such as:

7 - 9am: The Americana Trail Trail to the Jungle Americana animal tunes of all kinds, not just from the farm.

7 - 9pm: Local Zone BATTLE OF THE BANDS ten staff heads got together and formed two opposing bands that will battle for historic championship and their honorable prevalence. who will win??? vote with ur $$$ and decide who is a winner and who should never play music again!!

And remember to donate if you can, every cent makes a difference!

Your Friend, Shanice Aga



Hello again,

The first day of Spring Radiothon is officially over!

We're off to a great start with $1,245 in pledges so far.

If you've been keeping track of twitter you may have seen and participated in some polls today. I was personally offended that The Beatles beat out Miles Davis, if you are too or want to help further ruin my chances of winning, please make sure you check our twitter (@WUVTFM) and vote! (if you don't have a twitter nows a good time to see what its all about)

Also look at this cool photo that was sent in from a WUVT alumni and shared on our instagram today:

Old Station Setup

Now, let me highlight a couple upcoming shows for you as we enter into Tuesday:

From 9am - 12pm Captain Deaf Christgau and the 43rd Superlative-Declaring Squirrel Squadron will be spinning all the tunes that the Captain has declared over the years to be the Greatest Song Ever Recorded. Feel free to call in, donate and request the Captain to spin what you think the Greatest Song Ever Recorded is.

From 7-9pm DJ MC is playing the top 50 most played tracks on WUVT from the past decade, including some info on which DJ played it first! To those who have already donated we thank you, to those who have not yet donated we hope you feel moved by an upcoming show enough to consider it we need your support, to those who love WUVT continue listening the Radiothon road is long and full of surprises! Your Friend, Shanice Aga



Hello one and all,

Radiothon is soon to be upon us again.

If you haven't yet looked at the website, facebook or twitter to get the scoop on our upcoming 24/7 live DJ, extra cool themed shows, and 70th anniversary radiothon events, you really should.

On twitter, we're having a super special 70th anniversary March Madness bracket with the top played bands on WUVT!! To enter download the bracket @WUVTFM posted, fill it in, and tweet it to us! There will be a poll everyday on twitter as well so check in and vote for your favorite bands!

Be sure to check out our instagram this week too as we'll be posting throwback photos we got in from WUVT alumni of their own DJing and radiothon experiences.

CLICK HERE to see this weeks show schedule.

At Midnight to kick it all off Audinne and Stephanie are bringing you Songs you can werk to, with a show titled "Lipsync for WUVTs Legacy"

From 7-9am, as you're clocking in to work, monday morning, doing the daily routine, Miles is bumping songs of Labor and Protest songs to inspire you.

And from 5-7pm Clark is bringing you New York Noise and Such, Jazz and such, sound units etc.

Remember friends, we're still looking to get the WUVT studios fixed up with new boards and wires so donate donate donate every dollar helps!! If you listen in to our station and appreciate what we do we please let us know. Your donations make up 75% of our budget, to fix things, keep us on air, professional, and turning out the young people of medias future! (Not to mention the Spring Radiothon premiums are fly)

So sit back wherever you are, turn on the radio, open your ears up as much as you can, and enjoy!

With love,

Your Friend,

Shanice Aga

General Manager, WUVT-FM