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College Radio Day

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On Friday, October 4th, WUVT celebrates the 9th annual College Radio Day! Today, we celebrate the beauty of college radio, showcasing some of today's greatest music that just doesn't reach the airwaves of other FM stations. We hope we continue to introduce you to some of your new favorite artists!

Thank you again for listening to the Greatest Radio Station in the World - WUVT 90.7 Blacksburg!

WUVT Kickoff Show - Fall 2019

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Fall 2019 WUVT Secret Nudist Friends/Trebuchet

This Wednesday, October 2nd, marks the return of Gillie's Late Night and the first show of the semester! Doors to the show will open at 9:30pm, and the show kicks off at 10! For only 5 buckaroos, hang out with WUVT, Secret Nudist Friends, and Trebuchet this Wednesday! Hope to see you there!

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Fall 2019 Orgy

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Fall 2019 WUVT Orgy Poster 1

WUVT - A radio station for EVERYONE

Yes! That means you! It takes more than just DJs to run the Greatest Radio Station in the World! If you’re interested in art, media, engineering, and even coordinating events for our station, come on down to our ORGY!

The Details: Monday, September 9th at 8pm in Squires 300

This organizational meeting is for EVERYONE: whether you want to showcase some music that doesn’t reach airwaves anywhere but 90.7 FM, or help out around the studio. Hope to see you on Monday!

Fall Show Schedule 2019

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A new semester of DJs, some new music, and a new board! We hope you join us online or 90.7 FM to continue to support the best radio station in the universe! This semester's schedule can be found by clicking here.

Update on the WUVT Needs Boards Campaign

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Listeners... Alumni... WE DID IT

Thanks to the support of our wonderful listeners and alumni, WUVT now has a new mixing board in the FM studio and a new digital audio system. We wouldn't have been able to do it without the support of everyone who donated, and we are so, so thankful for the support we've received. You helped change WUVT in a major way, and this new equipment will help students discover the amazing experience that is college radio for a long time.

And we sound so much better! We've already received reports of our improved audio quality, on both the FM broadcast and the webstream on our website. Tune in now and see for yourself!

But there's still work to be done. Help us continue to bring WUVT into the 21st century and get the same equipment for the AM studio as we did for FM studio!

This Radiothon, we'll continue to work on completing the WUVT Needs Boards project and with your help, our station will be 100% digitized and modernized.

Welcome to a new era of WUVT Radio.

a photo of the new FM audio board in the studio

Click "Read more..." below for more info and for pictures of the new installation!

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